Rhino Talks Running For State Representative, Vince McMahon’s Reaction, Not Being Sold On Donald Trump, more

Jun 19, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


Today The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling explores the relationship between politics and professional wrestling by welcoming a WWE Superstar running for State Representative in his home state of Michigan, Terrance Gerin aka RHINO and Rare Politics Editor Jack Hunter.

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Rhino Shares Vince McMahon’s Reaction To Him Running For State Representative In Michigan:

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What inspired Rhino to run for State Representative:

I’ve always loved politics, I’ve always enjoyed following it and solving problems and helping people out. Being a part of something bigger than yourself is pretty special and it is like being a part of a big wrestling match or a big wrestling show. When you can help someone out and make their lives a little bit easier that is a pretty good feeling and plus you will be a part of something bigger than yourself and something special.

Does he have any fears of putting his political stances out to the public and possibly face negative backlash.

Nope. I like to be tested. I like people to come at me. It’s funny because I am not far “right” and I’m obviously not far “left” but we will live in the greatest country in the world where we still have that freedom to believe in whatever we believe in. I find things that we can agree on. There really is no benefit to just get into a pissing contest with someone. People have their rights. Is everyone going to see things my way, no and nor should they.

Does he look at Donald Trump and think he’s almost cutting a wrestling promo:

I think Donald Trump has learned to talk like a fourth grader. When he is out there and (he’s) a very smart man, I’ll be honest with you that I’m not 100% sold on him. I think how he will win is by putting together a “dream team” and I want to know if he is going to be able to work with Congress if the Republicans lose Congress. A lot of people thought Ronald Reagan was going to start World War 3 and a lot of people thought Reagan wasn’t going to do a good job but he got the economy going and a lot of people just want to go to work and understand that they have to pay their taxes.

Showing a wrestler can be successful in the political world and wanting to fight for the people of Dearborn, Michigan:

I’ve always kind of followed politics and found it interesting and I want to say probably in 99/2000 I really started looking into it. The last couple of years I’ve been going to council meetings for a couple of different cities and a lot of common sense isn’t really that common when it comes to elected officials (laughing). For example in Dearborn (Michigan), even though I would be working on a State level since I like to work and am a workaholic I would give advice to the city council or the mayor but one of the things I noticed a lot of people would talk at the end of the council meetings and give the public the chance to voice their opinions and I like to call that the Main Event because it gets like Jerry Springer in the council chambers but I noticed that a lot of the people are passionate about the public pools.

Why wouldn’t they get a business to sponsor the pools? I’m thinking to myself you have the Ford Motor Company World Headquarters in Dearborn and you go to them and say it takes X amount of dollars to run the pool and you get to put your name all over the place. It would be a pretty easy sales pitch. My point is that there are simple solutions to big problems because these problems are big to these citizens.

With his attention focused on being elected State Representative, what are some of his greatest wrestling moments:

Working with Sandman, I really enjoyed working with him. That was the first angle that really put me on the map. I really enjoyed the whole Invasion angle and working with the Rock and being able to work with Booker T.

I’ve been very blessed that I have been wrestling for twenty-two years. The first WrestleMania that I wrestled in at 17 and being in with Edge and Christian and helping them win the tag belts. The gauntlet to win the NWA title was a special night, working with Jeff Jarrett I always enjoyed and I think he is very talented. I know he gets a lot of flack from the fans but I think he has got a great mind for wrestling . I really enjoyed working with Kane when I first went to WWE in the Hardcore division.

His latest run working with NXT and a humorous story of WWE asking him to work the Wyatt Family Angle with the Dudleys and Tommy Dreamer:

NXT was a lot of fun. I was there like eight months but do you remember when I was there last December with the Dudleys and Tommy Dreamer? They asked me to come in and work with Dreamer and them, I said sure what dates? If I have an Independent booking they normally wouldn’t ask you to cancel it because it’s one of those things if the promoter is booking you, you have to follow through with it. So last October I was putting together a charity wrestling event. I’m all done with NXT (at this point) and I put this charity show together and told the VFW Hall lets do it December, 8th. If they (WWE) call me last minute for NXT usually that tapes on a Wednesday or a Thursday and absolutely nobody runs on a Tuesday. So when they asked me to come in for my dates they wanted me on the 7th (I can do that) and Tuesday for Smackdown on the 8th. This is the first time they have asked me to work as part of Smackdown in over ten years and the only time I book a Tuesday show thinking nobody would want to use me on the 8th (laughing). We ended up raising $1200 for the VFW hall and the guys on the show worked for free. They needed it because the power had been turned off and it helped prevent their pipes from freezing as it started to get colder.

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