Video: Seth Rollins on Facing Roman Reigns This Sunday, the WWE MITB Ladder Match, More

Jun 15, 2016 - by Marc Middleton

As seen above, this week’s sitdown storyline interview with Michael Cole features Seth Rollins. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks about the match against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns at Money In the Bank on Sunday, and if Rollins’ knee is ready to go. Rollins says the knee is ready to go and he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t

* Cole asks about Rollins never actually losing the title. Rollins says he’s thought of nothing else but getting back and reclaiming the title. Rollins talks about being forced to watch Reigns take his spot at WrestleMania 32 and here they are 7 months after the injury but Rollins is still as obsessed with getting the title back

* Regarding The Shield segment on Monday’s RAW, Cole says Rollins showed no remorse over turning his back on Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Rollins says that doesn’t bother him and he doesn’t know why it should. Rollins says he took a risk that no one else was willing to take and it put him right where he wanted to be. Rollins says he wanted to be the best, the greatest of all-time, and the only way he can do that is to make sacrifices others won’t make. Rollins says he did what he had to do and it paid off

* Cole asks if it’s true that Rollins is afraid of Reigns, because of how he keeps attacking from behind. Rollins calls it strategy and says he’s always been 2 steps ahead of Reigns. Rollins says Reigns has never beat him and he has no reason to be afraid

* Cole talks about how critics say Rollins got away with a lot of stuff due to his previous relationship with The Authority, and asks if he will go at it alone this time around. Rollins says the opportunities that were given to him by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were earned. He put himself into the position to earn those opportunities. Rollins says he won the title, kept the title, never lost it and at Money In the Bank on Sunday, he will get it back. Rollins says these same critics were the fans sending him letters and tweets about how much they missed him when he was out

* Cole points out how Rollins would never have been champion if Kane didn’t help him win Money In the Bank. Rollins says it’s all a chess game and if you’re not the best, the master at playing every angle, then you will get got and get trapped

* Regarding Sunday’s MITB Ladder Match, Rollins thinks it would be a stupid move for the winner to try cashing in that night because of how rough the match is. Rollins says the 6 competitors will be in no condition to come down and stick their nose in the match. He’s not concerned with that potential problem. Cole asks if Rollins will leave Las Vegas with the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Rollins says he’s thought of nothing else since the day he got hurt and at Money In the Bank, he guarantees he will leave with the gold

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