TNA barely survives the weekend due to lack of money

Jun 14, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


In a post first revealed by, TNA Chief Financial Officer Dean Broadhead wrote on his personal Facebook page that TNA nearly went dark this weekend as the company had zero money to pay for the production trucks for Slammiversary or the tapings this week. Broadhead wrote that in a 12 hour window he had to make over 80 phone calls to lawyers, bankers, employees, and everyone in between to try and secure some money to go ahead with the show. The company which does the production for TNA, Aroluxe, is owed several thousands of dollars from previous unpaid television tapings and were not ready to go ahead with the show unless they were paid. Several weeks ago Aroluxe was revealed as the company in pole position for a TNA takeover. Two of its employees are Ron and Don Harris, former WWE and TNA tag team. It seems that Billy Corgan was the one who bailed them out this time, purchasing a minority stake in the company and allowing the life support machine to keep going. Meanwhile a promoter from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, wrote on TNA’s Facebook page that he has yet to be paid for the January shows and media vendors were running after him to get paid. ”I don’t know who else to contact or reach out to. Dean (Broadhead) will not communicate with me and I am being held responsible for this mess,” Rick Schoenen‎ wrote. He updated the post today saying that finally someone got in touch with him after posting his complaint publicly on Facebook.

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