Another live report from WWE’s Baton Rouge house show

Jun 13, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

by Courtney Summers

(At the Baton Rouge River Center Arena)

Show starts with National Anthem & JoJo was our announcer for the night.

Match 1:
Apollo Crews def Sheamus
Short match but competitive

Match 2:
The Shining Stars def Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
The Shining Stars bashed Baton Rouge playing heels definitely. Was a great back and forth match

Match 3:
Karl Anderson (w/ Luke Gallows) def One of the Usos (who was by himself)
Awesome match!

Match 4:
Kofi and Xavier of The New Day (With Big E) def The VaudeVillains
Crowd was definitely New Day Friendly! Great match!


Match 5:
Charlotte def Natalya
Charlotte won via pinfall using the ropes. Great back and forth match.

Match 6:
Cesaro def Alberto del Rio
This was the wrestling clinic of the evening. Amazing match!

Match 7 (Main Event):
Roman Reigns def AJ Styles & Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns pinned AJ via a spear. There was some teaming up against Roman by AJ and Seth. Action packed solid match.


Notes on show:

Overall attendance was not that great the level off the floor was full but not much above that. You’d never know that though because the crowd made up for it’s size with it’s enthusiasm and cheers. The ring was like 2/3 back from the other end of the arena.

They didn’t announce if they were coming back or a PreSale Code.


* Note: Alberto’s tattoo appears to be a work in progress, it’s a gothic style cross with a banner going around it for something to be put there later.

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