Cary Silkin comments on Ric Flair

May 27, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

A quick update to Former Ring of Honor Owner to Try and Collect Money from Ric Flair at Upcoming Appearance?:

Cary Silkin via Facebook:

OK my Ric Flair who is a low life scumbag and owes me 41k which is my fault for trusting the liar is over for now.I am very thankful for true friends like Nick Massie Sonjay Dutt Nana O Bandoh Bob Evans
Bobby Cruise Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino Colt Cabana Mike Coughlin Dave David Marquez Chris Lindsey Colby Corino Tony Devito Brian Heffron Cathy Corino-Jaggi Les Thatcher Matt Massie who had the balls to make a stand with me and I understand there are guys who work for WWE who can’t say anything but I know want to because they we’re there when the low life Flair walked out on us in NYC but I have to say I am disapointed in many of my so called ROH freinds and others who did not have the guts to support me when I supported them to keep this company alive with all the others who helped from 2003-2011 so we can be here today.I am not a martyr but ya get by with a little help from your friends I thought oh well

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