5/13 WWE NXT house show results from Largo, FL

May 14, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


Credit: PWInsider

Alex Reyes is your host and ring announcer.

– Mikey Knicholls and Shane Veryzer def. The Authors of Pain (Sunny Dhinsa and Gzim Selmani) – Fun opener. Dhinsa and Selmani used their power advantage to control a good portion of their match, keeping their smaller opponents down. It was only after a failed double team that Veryzer and Knicholls used the confusion to catch their opponents off guard for the win.

– Adrienne Reese def. Peyton Royce – Another strong match and some of the best fire I’ve seen out of Royce in the ring. Reese hit the top rope twisting stunner for the win, which just looks beautiful in person.

– Alexander Wolfe (w/Sawyer Fulton) def. Josh Woods – Fulton and Wolfe now have Mad Max inspired ring gear. I like it. It gives them a unique tram personality and helps them stand out. They no longer seem like two random guys thrown together. As for the match, it was decent, with Woods using his submissions early until Fulton used some dirty tricks to help his partner. Wolfe hit a big boot for the win

Post match: Fulton and Wolfe cut a promo, saying it was they NXT Universe’s fault they turned into this. Fulton angrily issued an open challenge. Angelo Dawkins came out to accept.

– Angelo Dawkins def. Sawyer Fulton – This was a disappointment of a match. It never really found a good pace and these guys never really found a chemistry. It was a lot of Fulton holding Dawkins down, until the action picked up, where they weren’t on the same page. It was just clunky.

– Chris Girard def. Patrick Clark – A good, solid match with Clark being the heel for this one. Girard gets the win with a running European uppercut. Both guys looked good in this one.

– Carmella and Daria Berenato def. Lana and Mandy Rose- Before the match, Lana came out and said how happy she was to be in Largo, since it reminded her how far she had come since the last time she was in this crappy town. Match itself was decent. Lana looked decent in spots, but is still very green. The other three were working hard. Carmella brought her working boots and helped carry Lana through the match. Daria and Mandy also looked good and probably aren’t that far off from being tv performers.

– Tye Dillinger def. Manny Andrade – Aliyah super fun match. It started off with a lot of wristlocks and reversals before really getting into gear. Each guy had their time on offense. At one point Dillinger hit the most wicked sounding chop on Andrade. Later, he used that to sell that he hurt his hand, which came into play when Dillinger had a Sharpshooter, but couldn’t lock his hands. Another time, Andrade reversed and Irish Whip into the corner by going into a headstand in the corner. Dillinger proceeded to hit a super kick on the upside down Andrade. The finish came with a series of sunset flip reversals that Dillinger got the best of. They shook hands and showed respect at the end. This would be so good as a future Takeover match.

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