Sandow: “It was somewhat mutual”

May 13, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Speaking to Rolling Stone for the first time since his WWE release, the man formerly known as Damien Sandow said that he was grateful for the time he spent in WWE and he had four great years. Talking about how the fans invested in him as a person when he did the Mizdow character, he said that as a performer that’s the only thing you want, fan response, and it was the most satisfying thing. Sandow revealed that he wasn’t surprised when he got the call that he was being released and has no problem with other guys getting TV time now with less people around. “I am not selfish in that respect,” he said, adding that he doesn’t blame WWE and that they gave him a platform and he maximized his opportunity. WWE did not give him a reason why he got released and Sandow said they didn’t need to anyway. “When I was being called, I was thinking about the other guy – the guy who has to give a guy this news. I was just more like, “Oh, cool. Thank you for everything. It was awesome.” It was somewhat mutual,” he said. Asked to elaborate on the mutual part, he said that he had expressed to them that if they didn’t have anything for him then they should give others a chance and even asked if they would like him to transition to commentary. “I just wanted to look into every route that was possible,” Sandow said. You can read the interesting interview at .

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