5/12 WWE Smackdown Recap (Sami Zayn & Cesaro vs. The Miz & Kevin Owens)

May 13, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

@ashasebera_danabrooke makes her in-ring debut tonight on #SmackDown!

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WWE Smackdown Results
May 12, 2016
Des Moines, Iowa
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com
“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

The intro to Smackdown brings us to a packed arena in Des Moines, as commentary yes The Usos vs Gallows and Anderson, with Roman Reigns and AJ Styles banned from ringside! Dean Ambrose’s music hits as the Lunatic Fringe makes his way to the ring, while we go back to Monday Night RAW when Ambrose attacked Jericho during his entrance and destroyed the light-up jacket in retribution for what Jericho did to his potted plant, Mitch. Ambrose is in the ring with a mic, saying he’s owed a lot of people money before, but $15,000 for that Christmas tree jacket? Nah, the way I see it we’re even; you destroyed my famous plant, I destroyed your famous jacket. That’s not even why I’m upset; I’m upset because he tried to end my career when he took that pot to my head! I’m not off interviewing Carrot Top for some podcast somewhere, this ring is all I’ve got. These fists, this heart is all I have, and as long as this heart is beating ain’t nobody ever gonna take that away! Where I come from it’s an eye for an eye, so Jericho tried to take everything away from me, and I will take everything away from him. Where should I start? Do I take one of his fancy goofy looking scarves and throw it in the shredder, do I destroy another one of his stupid jackets, do I shave off that stupid Bon Jovi haircut? No, I’m gonna take away the thing that makes him Chris Jericho…his ego. That thing that makes his stand a little taller, that thing that keeps his chin up a little higher. When I’m done with Chris Jericho, he’s gonna wonder if this wrestling thing is even for him anymore…Jericho’s music interrupts him, as the lights cut out. We hear a thud, and the lights come back on revealing Jericho has taken Ambrose out! He pulls out a straitjacket from a bag, and proceeds to put Ambrose in it. He mocks Ambrose, asking if he wants to get crazy before laying him out with a boot to the face and right hands while the man is down. Jericho continues the attack, mocking Ambrose throughout before Ambrose starts to fight back…but it’s not enough as Jericho brings him back down to the mat. Officials come out to pull Jericho away as they check on Ambrose, trying to remove his straitjacket before Jericho gets a Codebreaker (of sorts) on Ambrose and leaving the ring. Jericho stands on the announce table, posing to a chorus of boos as officials go back to removing the straitjacket off Ambrose. Jericho with a mic now, saying he’s given it to Ambrose and now he’s giving us the gift of Jericho, drink it it! With that, commentary hypes a big tag match later tonight as Sami Zayn and Cesaro take on Kevin Owens and The Miz! We see an angry Rusev slamming things around backstage as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see what happened moments ago between Jericho and Ambrose. Back at ringside, we see Kalisto joining commentary and Sin Cara is in the ring as Lana comes in to introduce “the next United States Champion,” Rusev! Rusev makes his way to the ring as we go back to RAW when some shenanigans led to Sin Cara beating Rusev. Commentary hypes the United States Championship match between Rusev and Kalisto, and this rematch is underway!

Sin Cara vs. Rusev

Rusev starts the offensive early, laying into Sin Cara with boots and a hard elbow drop twice over. Rusev walks over toward the announce table to mock Kalisto as he continues the assault on Sin Cara, still mocking Kalisto in the process. Rusev with a bodyslam on the Lucha Dragon and another boot before turning his attention to Kalisto. He turns back right into a dropkick by Sin Cara, who gets some momentum on his side, even hitting an enziguri on the apron and a senton for a nearfall as Lana throws water at Kalisto at ringside. Rusev brings Sin Cara off the top before running out to drop Kalisto with a kick, finishing Sin Cara off with a big boot to the face and the Accolade and Sin Cara has no choice but to tap!

Winner via submission: Rusev

Rusev grabs the title at ringside, chatting with Lana as we get highlights of the match including the finish. Rusev berates Kalisto, saying “this is MY title” as we go backstage where Renee Young is with Emma. Renee brings up the surprise Emma had for Becky on RAW: Dana Brooke blindsides Becky, mocking the Irish Lass Kicker before they walk off. Renee asks who Dana Brooke is, and she appears to answer that question saying Renee must not watch the WWE Network. Renee then asks why she’s attacking Becky Lynch, to which Dana replies unlike the WWE Universe, she hasn’t forgotten that Emma led the Women’s division in NXT. When she’s done with Becky Lynch, the question won’t be “Who is Dana Brooke,” it’ll be “Whatever happened to Becky Lynch?” With that we go to ringside, where Dana Brooke is accompanied to the ring by Emma before Becky Lynch comes out. The bell rings, and this match is underway!

Dana Brooke w/ Emma vs. Becky Lynch

Dana with a kick to the gut as she mocks Becky, who answers with a European Uppercut and a flying forearm. Dana in the corner avoids an attack from Becky before throwing her to the mat by the hair and laying into her with right hands. Becky in the corner now as Dana hits some boots and a snapmare for the nearfall. Dana continues with some more boots to Becky, and a bow and arrow like submission working Becky’s leg and arm. Becky powers out, reversing into a rollup for a nearfall. Becky with some forearms, bringing Dana down with a clothesline and a leg lariat. Becky charges at Dana with a forearm, followed by a Come At Me Boot. Dana now has Becky on the ropes, backing away as Emma strikes the injured eye of Becky. It’s enough of a distraction for Dana to get a jackknife cover for the pin!

Winner via pinfall: Dana Brooke

Commentary takes us back to RAW, during the Six Man Elimination Tag Match between “The Club” and “The Family” which ended in chaos with AJ and Roman daring each other to use a steel chair. Backstage, The Club talks to each other addressing AJ’s ban from ringside. AJ tells Gallows and Anderson not to worry about it, and take care of Club business. Gallows and Anderson walk off as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial…


New Day makes their way to the ring, Kofi holding a Booty-O’s box with a giant Booty-O inside as we go back to RAW when Vaudevillains cost New Day their match against the Dudley Boyz. Commentary hypes the Tag Team Championship match between New Day and The Vaudevillains before going back to the ring, where the New Day have microphones in hand. This past Monday, your W…W…E…World…Tag…Team…Champions were putting that work on the Dudleys and, according to Kofi, the Vaudevillains decided to stick their noses where they didn’t belong. Big E says they put their noses in our…Xavier and Kofi cut him off before Kofi says they stuck their noses in our Booty-O’s! Booty-O’s, they make sure you ain’t booty! Xavier says they pretty much Kanye West’d us, to which Big E says they married a woman with a big, round, beautiful…he’s cut off by Xavier, who says everyone knows what he’s doing, don’t do that. Big E wants to, but they still don’t allow it as Xavier says what he means is they came out and interrupted us when it had nothing to do with them. Kofi says these guys are stuck in the 1830s, and Xavier says they’re gonna make like Doc Brown and smack them back to the future! Big E says because New…Day Ro–the Vaudevillains’ music hits, as the number one contenders make their way to the stage to a chorus of boos. Aiden English says hush hush, children. You see, we are REAL men. Gentlemen of a bygone era, with an education and intellect which we use to outsmart our loudmouth, adolescent opponents. And so, at Extreme Rules, you can call us the…ahem…(singing) WWE World Tag Team Champions! Simon Gotch says soon, the sun will set on this New Day, and the night belongs to the Vaudevillains. English says boots down, dukes up boys, and may the best man win! Up next, Aiden English takes on Kofi Kingston!


Back from commercial, Kofi is immediately on the attack as this match is underway!

Aiden English vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi with some hard stomps but English starts turning things around. It’s a back and forth that ends with Kofi being thrown into the steel post by English, who sets him up on the apron to continue the attack. English goes back into the ring, dragging Kofi in to lay some more boots on him and a double knee drop for a nearfall. He follows up with a knee to the back, and a hard right hand before driving a knee to the head on the apron. English whips him to the opposite corner, but Kofi responds with an enziguri off the apron and a cross body for a nearfall. Kofi follows with a Boom Drop, before Gotch distracts him on the apron. Kofi with a double stomp on English for a nearfall, as Gotch tries to get involved before New Day stop him. The ref ejects all three men as English goes for a back suplex, which Kofi reverses before hitting an O’Connor roll for a nearfall. Kofi goes for a sunset flip, but English stops him and uses the ropes to get the win!

Winner via pinfall: Aiden English

Aiden celebrates on the ramp as we go backstage, where The Usos and Roman Reign talk about him being banned. Roman says not to worry about it; if AJ shows his face, I’ll be there ASAP. They fist bump as the Usos walk off, and up next The Usos take on Gallows and Anderson!


Back from commercial, The Usos make their way to the ring for this tag match against two thirds of “The Club” in Gallows and Anderson, who make their way out next before this match gets underway!

The Usos vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Jey and Karl starting things off with a back and forth on Karl, getting him in the corner and hitting a hard right hand before he tags in Jimmy, who continues the attack on Karl with a crossbody for a nearfall. Jimmy with a hard chop on Karl, but Karl responds with a high leg lariat before Gallows tags in, throwing Jimmy to the mat by the hair. Gallows taunts the Usos before hitting a stinger splash in the corner and a bodyslam twice over. Gallows with a right hand and a leg drop before stopping Jimmy from tagging in Jey. Karl gets the tag, continuing the assault on Jimmy in the corner. Jimmy gets a chop, but Karl gets a knee in before tagging in Gallows. Gallows laying the boots in before hitting an elbow drop, but Jimmy is able to get the tag to Jey. Jey goes for a sunset flip, but Gallows pulls him up. Jey sends Gallows to the outside as Karl comes in, bringing Jey to the outside. Gallows hits Jey with a big boot as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Karl is still in control as he drives a knee into the back of Jey. Gallows with the tag, laying into Jey before hitting a snap suplex for a nearfall. Gallows locks in a sleeper hold, but Jey is powering out as he reaches for the tag before Gallows drives him back down with a headbutt and a tag to Karl. Karl with a sleeper hold of his own on Jey now, as Jey tries again to reach for the tag before Karl pulls him down by his hair and knocks Jimmy off the apron. The ref is distracted, allowing Gallows to get some licks into Jey as Karl goes for the cover and gets a nearfall. Gallows in now, but takes a superkick by Jey! Jey finally gets the tag to Jimmy as Karl tags in, and Jimmy unleashes a flurry of offense on the former IWGP Tag Champion. Karl avoids a rear attack, but takes a superkick as Jimmy hits a big splash off the top! Jimmy with the cover, but Gallows pulls him out of the ring to break the count! Gallows throws him over the announce table, forcing the ref to call for the bell!

Winners via disqualification: The Usos

Gallows and Anderson continue the attack on The Usos, eventually hitting Jey in the back with a steel chair! Karl sits in the chair, with Gallows standing tall behind him as they flash the too sweet sign. We get highlights of the match and its aftermath, as The Club yells at The Usos to tell Roman. We see Gorgeous Truth and…Goldust and Fandango in separate spots backstage before going to commercial.


Back from commercial, we get another skit as Darren continues to take advice from Hall of Famer Bob Backlund, who doesn’t seem to understand how a smartphone works but he DOES know how to Make Darren Young Great Again! Back at ringside, Gorgeous Truth make their way to the ring for this rematch from RAW. The team of Goldust and Fandango (okay, FINE…Goldango) make their way to the ring next, and this match is underway!

The Gorgeous Truth vs. Goldango (sigh)

Fandango start things off with Tyler Breeze, locking up before they each tag in Truth and Goldust as the crowd chants “Golden Truth.” Breeze and Fandango yelling at their partners to hit the guy, but Truth and Goldust awkwardly tag them each back in. Breeze dumps Truth over the rope as Goldust goes after him…but Fandango beats Goldust down, allowing Breeze to get the win!

Winners via awkward pinfall: Gorgeous Truth

After the match, Truth comes in only to take a beating from Breeze and Fandango before Goldust rushes to protect him as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go back to RAW when Paige got a win over Charlotte. Backstage, Renee Young is with Charlotte and Ric Flair, talking about the difficult time on Monday night with Ric being escorted away from ringside. Charlotte is not a fan of what happened, but despite concerns from Renee, Ric says that he will always be there in spirit and Extreme Rules means another Flair victory. Woo! He encourages Charlotte to do the same, and she does so without enthusiasm before they walk off. Back at ringside, Cesaro and Sami Zayn make their way to the ring for this big tag match! We go back to RAW, when Sami Zayn earned a spot in the Intercontinental Championship match at Extreme Rules by beating the champion The Miz! We get a reminder that this main event is up next!


Back from commercial, we see a tweet reminding us that John Cena returns to RAW on Memorial Day! Back at ringside, Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring as we’re reminded of RAW when Owens had to defeat Ryder to keep his spot in the match at Extreme Rules. Out next is The Miz, with Owens using the headset to berate The Miz and Byron Saxton as Miz enters the ring. Owens goes into the ring as commentary hypes the Intercontinental Championship match at Extreme Rules, and tonight’s main event is underway!

Main Event – Tag Team Match
Sami Zayn & Cesaro vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz & Kevin Owens

A brief argument leads to Cesaro and Miz starting things off, with Cesaro getting an early advantage on the champion. Deadlift gutwrench suplex gets Cesaro the nearfall, before he catches Miz into a bodyslam for another nearfall. Miz goes for a kick but Cesaro gets a dragon screw, going for a swing but Miz gets the ropes. Miz and Owens argues before Owens tags in, and Cesaro tags in Zayn. Owens is not thrilled about this, looking to tag Miz back in…but Miz drops off the apron, saying he thought Owens said he could do better. Zayn and Owens trade blows, and Zayn gets a clothesline before laying into him with right hands in the corner. Owens gets Zayn off him, before Miz tags in. Zayn unloads on Miz, sending him out of the ring before looking to dive…but Miz gets out of the way, prompting Owens to drop down to argue with Miz some more. Suddenly, we see Cesaro with a senton onto Owens and Zayn with a tope onto the Miz as we go to commercial!


Back from commercial, Zayn just got a nearfall but Miz is turning things around before being taken out of the ring by Zayn. Zayn goes out of the ring, but is distracted by Maryse as Owens takes him down! Miz now on the attack, bouncing Zayn’s head off the announce table before bringing him back into the ring and tagging Owens back in. Double team by both men and a running senton by Owens for a nearfall. Owens brings Zayn to the corner as Miz tags in, laying a boot into Zayn. Miz with a chinlock on Zayn now, working the neck and the back of the former NXT Champion as Owens berates Byron at ringside again. Zayn reaching for a tag but Miz brings him back down for a nearfall. Miz and Owens argue again, and Miz gets caught with a clothesline by Zayn! Zayn reaching for the tag again, but Miz stops him…but Zayn catches him with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall of his own! Zayn gets the tag to Cesaro now, as do Owens and Miz. Cesaro catches Owens in an uppercut train across corners, before hitting a dropkick to Owens! Big boot to Miz to keep him off the apron, Owens tries to send him out of the ring but Cesaro lands on his feet. Cesaro leaves the ring to hit Miz with an uppercut, climbing the top and hitting a cross body on Owens for a nearfall! Cesaro looking for a swing on Owens, but Miz stops him. Cesaro backed up into a corner by Miz, who gets out of the way as Zayn goes for a Helluva Kick, which hits Cesaro instead! Miz takes Zayn of the ring, keeping him down as Owens hits the frog splash on Cesaro for the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Miz & Kevin Owens

Miz throws Zayn into the ring, but gets hit with some right hands by Zayn. Owens pulls him off, setting Zayn up for the Pop-Up Powerbomb! Miz catches Owens with the Skull Crushing Finale, letting the champ stand tall as we get highlights from the match and its aftermath. Miz holds his title up high as he kisses Maryse, and we see the other men coming to as the show comes to a close.

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