5/12 WWE NXT house show results from Seattle, WA

May 13, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


NXT Seattle opens with No Way Jose vs Murphy. Jose wins with his finisher.

Match 2 is Tucker Knight vs Tino Sabatelli. Sabatelli wins with his finisher – similar to Big Show’s Final Cut.

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss is next. Bayley is getting tons of Queen of Hug Style chants. Bayley with the Bayley to Belly, then she hugged pretty much everyone at ringside.

Now Austin Aries vs Mojo fricken Rawley. Crowd solidly behind Aries although Mojo trying to also act babyface. Nonstop boos for Mojo, this is kinda hilarious. Mojo just hit the Rear View. I don’t even know what to say. Now he is showing the crowd his butt. Aries wins a hard fought match with the brain buster into Last Chancory for submission. It was like when someone comes in and has a hard fought match with Stardust. Like why the hell did Mojo have so much offense Chat Conversation End Type a message.

Revival vs American Alpha for tag belts.

Superb match. Tons of false finishes, almost as good as the Takeover match. American Alpha retains with their finisher, match was roughly 15 minutes and all action.

After intermission, William Regal was announced as the special guest for the evening. He talks about 3 years ago struggling to pack 50 people into a building, and now we have “this”, a sold out Paramount Theater. Then he left. Pretty short.

Elias Sampson comes out to a ridiculous amount of heat, and sings a song amidst tons of boos and “no” chants.

Shinsuke Nakamura’s music interrupt the singing and the crowd comes unglued. Everyone is on their feet, “Holy $#%T” chants abound. As far as entrances go, both guys are play their roles perfectly.

Nakamura wins with the Kinshasa knee strike. The match was competitive from both sides.

Next match is Asuka defending the women’s championship against Nia Jax. Crowd is indifferent to Jax but loves Asuka.

Mid-match Nia botched a roll up pin and ended up on her stomach and Asuka fluidly turned it into an ankle lock, she is so good. Lots of big power spots from Jax with lots of selling by Asuka. Asuka gets a surprise Asuka Lock and Alexa Bliss came in and attacked for the DQ. they both beat down Asuka for a bit, and then Bayley came in to help fend off the heels. Then Bayley and Asuka had a stare down. It ended with the two women shaking hands while the fans chanted “hug it out” – then the women hugged, Bayley left, and Asuka celebrated.

Main event time – Samoa Joe defending the NXT Title against Finn Balor. Tom Philips asked the crowd if they liked the Bullet Club before announcing it was time for the main event, to a tremendous pop.

Crowd is split down the middle, with “Let’s Go Balor! Let’s Go Joe!” chants, followed by “Both These Guys!” Lots of chain wrestling early on. In the end, Finn goes for the Coup de Grace after escaping from the Kokina Clutch, but Joe catches him in the corner and hits the Muscle Buster for the pin.

After the match, the two had a stare down and then Joe offered his hand. Finn shook the hand and Joe clothes lines him for a beatdown. He puts Finn in the corner for another Muscle Buster. Finn fights Joe off and pushes him off the ropes, and Joe’s head lands on the NXT Title. Finn then hits the Coup de Grace, sending the crowd home happy.

Credit: Andru Edwards and Pwinsider.com

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