Salaries of the McMahons and Triple H revealed

May 12, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo


Triple H has signed a new WWE performer deal dated May 9, 2016 according to the latest FORM 10-Q report filed by the company with the United States Federal Securities and Exchange Commission. The new deal is for three years and is an addition to his corporate duties. His minimum guarantee is $1,000,000 however last year he made $3,112,624, adding an extra $337,000 to his 2014 total. His wife Stephanie received a salary of $1,738,950 in 2015. Both Triple H and Stephanie are now members of the Board of Directors which has a total of 10 members including Vince McMahon as Chairman. Other members include Stuart U. Goldfarb, Co-Founder & Partner of Melo7 Tech Partners, LLC; Patricia A. Gottesman, former President and Chief Executive Officer of Crimson Hexagon; Laureen Ong, former President of Travel Channel; Joseph H. Perkins, former President of Communications Consultants, Inc.; Robyn W. Peterson, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product for Mashable; Frank A. Riddick III, Chief Executive Officer of Shale-Inland Group LLC; and Jeffrey R. Speed, former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Six Flags, Inc. Meanwhile, Vince McMahon has an agreement with WWE that ends on December 31, 2016, however that automatically extends for successive one-year periods. Vince is entitled to salary in the initial annual amount of $1,100,000 however the Compensation Committee increased his salary for 2016 to $1,325,000. He is also entitled to participate in the Company’s incentive bonus plan with an annual target bonus of 100% of salary. The recently-returned Shane McMahon is nowhere listed in the corporate area which pretty much confirms that his role in the company so far is strictly as an on-air character.

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