Vince Russo rips on Stephanie McMahon for Chyna HOF comments to TMZ

May 8, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

Vince Russo ripped on Stephanie McMahon for her Chyna comments, asking why Chyna had to die to be “sure” to go in the Hall of Fame. Russo re-posted a video of Chyna’s manager calling WWE a couple of years ago asking to be put through someone in the legal or accounting department regarding royalties owed to Chyna and the receptionist tells him that she’s been told not to forward any calls that are related to Chyna. “Honestly, mere words here cannot even start to describe how sad, pathetic and just out right disgusting that is,” Russo said about the TMZ video with Stephanie. “While she was on this planet Vince, Hunter and Stephanie didn’t even have the decency to treat her like a human being, let alone someone who contributed to their overall success over the years. But in her death…she is SURE to get in the Hall of Fame.” Russo also posted a video of Triple H saying that Chyna would not be in the Hall of Fame due to her past, a video which was blocked by WWE on copyright grounds. It was taken from the Stone Cold Podcast from last year when Triple H made the comments. “Just match up Stephanie’s comments to those of her husband’s a year back, and you understand TRULY what you are dealing with,” Russo said, adding that he would forever stand up for her regardless of the consequences.

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