5/7 WWE NXT house show results from Orlando, FL

May 8, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


– Nia Jax and Mandy Rose def. Aliyah and Daria Berenato – This was a pretty rough match. The timing and pacing was all over the place. At one point, Aliyah looked like she got her bell rung. It was when she was hanging on to Nia’s back while Nia spun her around. Aliyah ended up hitting the turnbuckle awkwardly. The match continued, but she looked a little off for the rest of the match.

– Josh Woods def. Kishan Raftar – A pretty standard match. The locals love Josh Woods (he’s from the area). Match itself was just kind of there. Raftar is still pretty green and struggles at times to show off his personality.

– Alex Reyes brought out Mikey Knicholls and Shane Veryzer. They discussed some of the tag teams in NXT and how they plan to make a statement. It was pretty standard stuff, albeit it went on too long.

– Elias Samson def. Cezar Bononi – This was mostly an extended squash. Bononi didn’t get much offense in. Before the match, Samson sang his song about how he hates the people and wants to punch them in the face.

– Tino Sabbatelli def. Angelo Dawkins – This was an ok match. They reversed roles from the night before in Citrus Springs. Tonight, Dawkins was the heel and Tino was the babyface. They had some nice exchanges, but the match as a whole wasn’t anything spectacular.

– Patrick Clark def. Dan Matha – A decent match. Matha has good potential as a big guy and is comfortable talking trash as a heel. Patrick is very good at selling, even if he over does it a tad. The in ring work was solid though.

– Adrienne Reese def. Peyton Royce– I liked this match. It was pretty even throughout. Reese is a star in the making and can work at a speed most can’t. Her top rope stunner is amazing to see in person.

– The Vaudevillains def. The Revival – A good fun match. They started off with dueling posedowns until finally settling in fighting. The Vaudevillains dominated early until the Revival used dirty tricks to gain control. Side note: Scott Dawson may have the best snap suplex in the business. Eventually, The Vaudevillains got Dash out of the ring and hit the Whirling Dervish on Dawson to get the win. It’s a nice send off for the Vaudevillains as they embark on a full time main roster career.

Overall, this was a kind of underwhelming show, save for the last two matches. The lack of star power was very noticeable. For this being the home show, I expected more and I expected better out of NXT. I know they can’t have all the stars stay behind for these split tours, but they really have to focus on creating new stars to help these local houses out. If you came to tonight’s show, the only acts that you could buy their merchandise at the stand AND see them live, was The Revival (maybe the Vaudevillains if they had the shirts left). It’s on NXT to really focus their tv over the next few months to establish some new stars and help even out these shows a bit.

Credit Andrew Twiss and pwinsider.com

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