WWE NXT Results 5/4/16 (Eric Young Debuts and faces Samoa Joe)

May 5, 2016 - by Atlee Greene

– WWE NXT Results 5/4/16 (Eric Young Debuts and faces Samoa Joe)

NXT is back home at Full Sail University as Samoa Joe makes his first appearance as the new NXT Champion. Joe said that despite the best efforts of Finn Balor, his reign as champion is just like death and taxes, inevitable.

A new era is proclaimed by Joe as he now runs things and will happily beat down and choke out anyone who opposed his rule. The champ is cut off by some unfamiliar entrance music. No one is sure what to make of it until the big screen displays the name Eric Young.

EY emerges with microphone in hand and holy &^%@ chants from the NXT faithful. “You know me, and I know you” are the first words uttered by Young as walks to the ring. Young calls Joe the baddest man in the land and states that the only thing in life that’s guaranteed is change.

Young continues as he points to Joe’s title and says “I collect those” as he promises change for Joe and himself. Joe leaves the ring, gets to the ramp and says EY doesn’t belong in the same ring as him and that he will beat his ass the next time he sees him.


– Nia Jax pinned Tessa Blanchard (1:08)

Nia launched Blanchard into the corner right from the opening bell. Tessa attempted a cross body but bounced off her much larger opponent. Jax followed up with two splashes in the corner, two elbow drops, Samoan drop, and the big leg drop to end things. Blanchard was given an entrance and she received some chants from the crowd.


– Austin Aries defeated Tye Dillinger with a 450 Splash

The greatest man that ever lived versus the perfect 10 gets the crowd primed as they’re slightly more in favor of Dillinger. Aries gets Dillinger at bay with some nice deep arm drags, but gets caught with a back breaker. Dillinger follows it up by whipping Aries into the corner for a hard buckle. They exchanged chops until Aries gained control with a clothesline.

Aries took out Dillinger with a corkscrew plancha onto the floor and delivered a neckbreaker on the second rope for good measure. Dillinger caught Aries coming into the corner with a boot and hit a fireman’s carry neckbreaker for a close near fall. Aries came back with the roaring elbow follows it up with a delayed dropkick in the corner and nailed a nice 450 splash for the finish.


– The Revival beat The Hype Bros when Dash Wilder pinned Mojo Rawley

Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley looked for revenge after being jumped last week by Dash and Dawson. Ryder got trapped in the corner early. Dash and Dawson made quick tags and kept Ryder on their side of the ring. Ryder escaped a cobra clutch from Dawson only to be cut off immediately as Dash tagged back in and leveled him with a clothesline.

Ryder fired back, Dash grabbed his leg, but the tag was made as Mojo came in like a house on fire with flying clotheslines and turned Dash inside out with a pounce that would make Monty Brown proud. Dawson made the blind tag as Dash was sent into the ropes and hit an unsuspecting Mojo with the Shatter Machine to end the hype train.


– Alex Riley is interviewed backstage about his match next week with Shinsuke Nakamura. Riley referred to Nakamura as a man that is half his size, having only a tenth of his strength, and having zero athletic coordination. The interview ends with Riley saying it’s time to rage and that he will hand out a beating to Nakamura.


– No Way Jose defeated Noah

Lots of dancing from Jose and dished out some chain wrestling. Noah lands a hard right hand that ticked off Jose. Jose landed some chops and delivered a bulldog. Jose hit Noah with the baseball punched followed by the full nelson slam for the 1,2,3.


– Austin Aries is interviewed backstage and he’s disappointed to be flying under the radar as he was the biggest signing in the history of NXT. Aries calls himself the perfect 20 as a jab to Tye Dillinger and says it’s going to take a little more Initiative to make his mark.


-There was a Finn Balor video package shown, which had clips of his demon person and hyping his return for next week.


– Samoa Joe submitted Eric Young with the Coquina Clutch

This match wasn’t announced or mentioned until the graphic was shown saying that the match was next. There were a couple of arm ringers exchanges until Joe decked Young right in the face. Young gave it right back to him as they traded strikes. Young caught Joe with a dropkick and delivered a spinning neckbreaker.

Joe launches Young out of the ring, comes off the ropes and dives on to Young with a flying forearm. Young tried to battle back but Joe drills him with an elbow. Joe charges into the corner and hits Young with a splash that is immediately followed by an enzuigiri.

Joe delivered an atomic drop, nails Young with a big boot and followed it up with a senton for a nearfall. Joe cut off Young’s comeback and launched him with a back body drop. Young gets leveled with another elbow coming off the ropes. Young is whipped into the corner, but went up and over the turnbuckle and landed on the apron.

Young gained control where he dropped Joe with a flying forearm, vertical suplex, and an elbow drop off the top rope for a two count. Young went for the piledriver, but Joe fought out of it and caught Young with a STJoe in the corner. Joe delivers the muscle buster and applies the Coquina Clutch for the win.

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