Bret Hart Says It’s Too Early for AJ Styles to Win the WWE World Title

May 2, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo Credit: Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE hall of famer Bret Hart stated the following on Wrestlezone radio:

“I think it’s too early. Plus, the truth is, if they brought AJ in and protected him until now… even now would be a little early. They’ve already pinned him enough times that clearly he’s a wrestler who can be beat. The sort of aura and mystery of, “Who’s going to beat him?” That’s already been determined. They beat him so quick with Jericho already. Roman Reigns, I kind of like what he’s doing. I kind of like that he’s trying to play middle of the road babyface and heel. He’s not catering to the babyfaces. He could give a sh*t about the fans booing him and all of that. I like what he’s doing and I think he’s slowly going to get himself over. I think it’s starting to shift. I’m a big AJ fan and all that but I think they reduced his stock a lot before and now he’s fighting for the title. They should have protected him and protected him and protected him. He came in to the Rumble with such a good pop. He was clearly someone who should have been protected from that point on. So you can say, “Now he’s ready. He’s undefeated. No one has beat him yet. Put him with Roman Reigns!” That would mean something. Then maybe I would be talking differently but they’ve already pinned him enough times in meaningless sort of scenarios that were not critical to his rise. He was climbing really well.”

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