Former ECW/WCW manager has a health scare

Apr 25, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

The former “Sinister Minister” James Mitchell posted on Facebook:

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. So here’s the verdict on my left arm and leg going numb Saturday night.
It was neither a stroke or a mini stroke as they had feared. Even with over 30 years of the Warren Zevon Health, Diet, and Fitness plan under my belt, I am in EXCELLENT health all around in terms of all the important stuff. I always told the naysayers I was “a professional”.
However, 20 years of pro wrestling left me with some pinched nerves and vertebrae that sometimes go into business for themselves. I have been MRIed, ultrasounded, CATscanned, etc all over.
Now I’m getting out of here. There’s a bottle of bourbon with my name on it somewhere

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