Apr 23, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

Chyna’s manager Anthony Anzaldo was the one who found her dead body and it was all caught on tape as they were still filming the documentary The Reconstruction of Chyna according to a story on the New York Daily News. “Me walking in was shot. I would never show me finding her, but you might hear me,” he told the newspaper. Anzaldo said they will continue filming during the investigation of her death as Chyna wanted this documentary to be “truthful and raw.” The documentary started filming when Chyna returned from a stint in Japan teaching English language at a school. Her manager said that when he walked in her bedroom, he found her with two prescription bottles next to her, one for Ambien and one similar to Xanax, an anti-axiety medication. “There was nothing illegal. No alcohol. It was just those two prescriptions she was legally taking,” he said. “I saw no indication of foul play, no vomit, no blood. She was just lying there peacefully. Of course she’s had issues and posted things (online), but I just don’t think it was intentional.” Anzaldo revealed that some of her ashes will be spread in the Pacific Ocean and some will be interred at a place fans can visit, with a location still to be determined. A large public memorial service is also in the works and he’s hoping two of her famous friends – Alice Cooper and Mike Tyson – will be participate.

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