Sheamus gets heat by singing Liverpool song at Manchester live event

Apr 20, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

sheamus 2

– If you’re in Manchester, England, there’s one thing that you shouldn’t do, and that is sing You’ll Never Walk Alone. The rivalry in football – or soccer for American fans – between Manchester United and Liverpool is legendary and that song is pretty much the theme song associated with Manchester United’s biggest rivals. So what did Sheamus do before he wrestled at the Manchester Arena yesterday? Sing You’ll Never Walk Alone obviously. Needless to say, his singing was met with thunderous boos and some laughs from the crowd. The risky singing also made it to the Liverpool Echo newspaper which pointed out that Sheamus is indeed a big Liverpool fan so it made sense for him to get some heat by singing the song. Sheamus also visited Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC and posed in the stadium with the Liverpool gear.

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