NXT Coverage – 4/20/16

Apr 20, 2016 - by Michael Riba

This week’s NXT kicks with the normal opening video, and then Corey Graves and Tom Phillips welcome us to the show from Dallas, Texas.

Match #1: American Alpha vs. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady

Enzo and Gable start the match and Gable takes Enzo down to the mat. Gable uses his ground game and goes for a quick cover, but Enzo gets to the ropes. Gable goes behind and begins to work over Enzo’s arm. Gable takes Enzo to the corner and tags in Jordan, who continues to work over Enzo. Jordan works over Enzo’s arm and tags in Gable, who comes into the ring and takes Enzo down. Gable goes for the cover, but Enzo kicks out at two. Jordan tags back in and keeps Enzo down on the mat. Enzo fights to his feet, but Jordan keeps the hold on. Gable tags in and takes Enzo down again and continues to work over Enzo’s arm. Enzo gets to his feet and Jordan sends him to the ropes, but Enzo holds on and tags in Big Cass. Cass gets into the ring as we head to a break.

We return to the action and Big Cass has Jordan in a headlock. Enzo tags in and he and Cass double-team Jordan. Enzo goes for a cover, but Jordan kicks out at two. Jordan fights back and tags in Gable, who takes Enzo down with an arm drag. Enzo and Gable charge at each other and take each other down with a clothesline. Big Cass tags back in and goes after Gable. Cass works over Gable’s arm down on the mat. Gable gets to his feet, but Cass delivers a clubbing blow and sends Gable back to the mat. Cass slams Gable to the mat and tags in Enzo, who goes for the cover, but Gable kicks out at two. Down on the mat, Enzo applies a headlock to Gable. Cass tags in and Enzo takes Gable down with a modified bulldog. Cass goes for the cover, but Gable kicks out at two. Cass splashes Gable in the corner and then lifts him up and slams him down a few times. Cass tosses Gable into the corner and goes for the splash, but Gable moves out of the way and both men are down. Jordan and Enzo tag in and Jordan takes Enzo down with a dropkick. Jordan charges at Enzo in the corner, but Cass gets in the way and takes the brunt of Jordan’s attack. Jordan drops Enzo with a suplex. Gable tags in and he and Jordan drop Enzo to the mat and Gable gets the pin fall.
Winners: American Alpha.

We see Apollo Crews backstage. He says one thing he doesn’t like is bullies, so he doesn’t like Samoa Joe. He says he has followed Joe for a while now and has some things to show Joe. He welcomes Joe to the Age of Apollo.

We see the vignette for No Way Jose, who will debut next.

Match #2: Alexander Wolfe vs. No Way Jose
Wolfe wrenches Jose’s arm, but Jose dances his way out of it. Jose slams Wolfe down to the mat. Jose takes Wolfe down with a flying snap-mare and then executes an airplane spin. Jose takes Wolfe down with a rolling senton. Jose drops a leg, but Wolfe comes back and slams Jose face-first into the corner. Wolfe goes for the cover, but Jose kicks out at one. Wolfe applies a headlock down on the mat. Jose fights to his feet and delivers some left hands to Wolfe. Jose takes Wolfe down with an arm drag and then some forearm shivers. Jose ends it with another left and gets the pin fall.
Winner: No Way Jose.

Backstage, we see Austin Aries. Aries says Baron Corbin is entitled to his opinion that Aries was lucky at TakeOver Dallas. Aries says luck had nothing to do with it, and if Corbin wants to prove that he is the better man, Aries isn’t a hard guy to find.

We see Samoa Joe warming up for his match, and then we see Elias Sampson playing his guitar backstage. William Regal walks up and says he is going ot give Elias Sampson a chance to prove himself next week, when he will take on Shinsuke Nakamura.

Match #3: Nia Jax vs. Deonna Purrazzo
Nia shoves Deonna into the corner and then tosses her across the ring. Nia slams Deonna into the corner and splashes in on her. Nia delivers a shoulder breaker to Deonna and then drops a couple elbows. Deonns tries to get some offense in, but Niz takes her down with a Samoan Drop. Nia connects with the leg drop and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Nia Jax.

We see Bayley backstage, and she talks about next week’s match between Asuka and Eva Marie. She says she knows Asuka is tough, but no one can look past Eva Marie. She says as long as the Women’s Champion is in the picture, she will be watching. We see that Apollo Crews will go one-on-one with Samoa Joe next as we head to a break.

Match #4: Apollo Crews vs. Samoa Joe
They tie up and Joe takes control early. Crews comes back and wrenches Joe’s arm, but Joe backs him into the corner. Crews applies a headlock and Joe drops to his knees. Joe gets up and gets to the ropes to break the hold. Joe comes back and works over Crews’ arm, but Crews goes back to the headlock. Joe fights his way out of it and chops Crews. Joe connects with his quick jabs and backs Crews into the corner. Joe delivers another chop and then a headbutt. Joe charges at Crews, but Crews moves out of the way and takes Joe down with a dropkick. Crews beats down Joe in the corner as we head to a break.

We’re back and Joe delivers a chop to Crews. Joe jabs Crews back into the corner and then connects with an enzuiguri. Joe takes Crews to the other corner and delivers a couple elbows. Crews tires to fight back, but Joe takes him down to the mat again. Joe wrenches Crews’ neck down on the mat. Joe applies another submission down on the mat. Joe drops Crews with a senton and goes for the cover, but Crews kicks out at two. Crews fights back, but Joe keeps control. Joe goes for a suplex, but Crews counters. Crews drops Joe with a suplex of his own and both men are down. Crews drops Joe with a few right hands and then delivers a splash in the corner. Crews kcisk Joe in the head and connects with the standing moonsault. Crews goes for the cover, but Joe kicks out at two. Joe comes back and slams Crews down to the mat and goes for the cover, but Crews kicks out at two. Crews and Joe exchange right hands, but Crews gains the advantage with a bicycle kick. Joe comes back and spikes Crews down to the mat. Joe delivers a series of knees to Crews and then locks in the Coquina Clutch and Crews taps out.
Winner: Samoa Joe.

NXT comes to a close with Joe standing tall in the ring and we see him mouth the words, “It’s not over.”

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