4/16 WWE NXT house show results from Fort Pierce, FL

Apr 17, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: PWInsider

Meet & Greet was Adrian Reese, Bronson Matthews and Mojo Rawley

No Way Jose defeated Josh Brooks – An OK opening match but nothing spectacular. Fans were into Jose for the most part.

Nia Jax and Mandy Rose defeated Adrian Reese and Liv Morgan – This was what is was. Other than Nia Jax this was nothing spectacular. Mandy Rose made her Ft Pierce in ring debut and had some decent moments and the best thing you can say is that she is better than Eva Marie however that’s not saying much. Nia Jax deserves much better than to be in something like this.

King Constantine defeated Chris Girard – Three minute squash match. YAWN!

Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton defeated Tucker Knight and Patrick Clark – And the evening gets worse as the fans had no interest in this hot mess. Boring chants throughout. You know it’s not good when Tucker Knight is setup for the hot tag and gets no reaction whatsoever from the crowd.

The Perfect 10 Ty Dillinger defeated Riddick Moss – This was easily the best match of the night and judging by what we got later should have been the Main Event. Dillinger is over huge here in the Fort. Moss was fantastic in the heel role. The crowd was really into this match and the interaction between the crowd and the wrestlers was pure gold.

Manny Andrade defeated Angelo Dawkins – Having seen instant classics from Manny the past times he has been here in Ft. Pierce this was a little disappointing. The action was decent but could have been a lot better.

NXT Womens Champion Asuka defeated Aliyah – No reaction for Aliyah while Asuka is over huge. Asuka basically squashed her in about four minutes.

Alex Reyes then introduces Shinsuke Nakamura and the crowd goes nuts. His promo is then interrupted by Noah Kekoa who tries to get Shinsuke to “be his friend” which results in him getting beaten down by Nakamura. While this was entertaining it did not lead to a match which was extremely disappointing. The fans (including me) wanted a Shinsuke Nakamura match, not just a comedy bit promo.

The Main Event saw The Revival defeat Alex Riley and Mojo Rawley. Yes you read correctly. You have one of the greatest wrestlers in the world in the building in Shinsuke Nakamura and this is our Main Event? To be fair this was a decent match but nowhere near being worthy of being a main event. This would have been a great opening match or something further down the card but not as the Main Event. The best part of this match was when Dash Wilder “sold an injury” so seriously complete with a loud F-Bomb which brought out the medical staff before The Revival turned it into a brilliant sneak attack on Riley and Mojo. The crowd went silent during this thing Wilder was seriously injured and everyone took the bail. Absolutely brilliant heel work. After the match The Revival were confronted by several wrestlers from the back due to winning by dirty tactics and tossed back in the ring to get beaten down by Mojo and Riley in an attempt to send the very disappointed crowd home happy. Sadly it didn’t work.

Once again I have to emphasize how bad this show was other than the Ty Dillinger vs Riddick Moss match. I have been attending NXT shows here in Fort Pierce since the days when it was still FCW and there were barely 50 fans in attendance here in the Fort and this was easily the worst NXT show ever here in the Fort.

Other than Asuka there was no top level talent here tonight in the ring. They advertised Nakamura and all we get is a comedy promo where Citrus Spinks and Orlando got to see him wrestle. No Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Bayley, Carmella, American Alpha not even Austin Aries etc etc.

After seeing the cards from Citrus Spings and Orlando many in the crowd were wondering what did we do to deserve this hot garbage? A very disappointing evening. Fort Pierce is one if not their largest Florida venue outside of Full Sail and always sells out to the point they have to add extra seats and the fans here are always awesome and honestly deserved much better than what was presented tonight. Hopefully they will do a lot better when NXT returns to Fort Pierce on June 4th.

An interesting note to close with is before the show where Shinsuke Nakamura arrived at the Fenn Center he accidentally locked his keys in his rental car. Security and some wrestlers tried for about 30 minutes to unlock the car with a slim jim however a fan waiting in line finally went over and opened it after 2 min using the antenna from the car.

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