Mick Foley remembers Balls Mahoney

Apr 13, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Mick Foley’s facebook page:


John Rechner. Even among larger than life characters in pro-wrestling, he was one of those guys who stood out – who made you laugh, smile, or just walk away, shaking your head in disbelief, knowing you had another Balls Mahoney story to share with the boys.

RIP my friend. You brought us some great memories. My prayers will be with your family and friends – especially the little boy you loved and doted on at so many shows over the years.

I met John in October, 1994 when I did a series of TV tapings and matches for Smoky Mountain Wrestling, including their big Thanksgiving and Christmas day shows. My goal during this time in the storyline was to pry Rechner’s gullible but kind-hearted Boo Bradley away from the evil clutches of real-life best friend, but consummate on-screen heel Chris Candido. So we waged our wars throughout the Smokies, with the powers of good finally winning out over Candido – and in my final act as part of ‪#‎SMW‬ I gifted a pair of Cactus Jack tights to my new friend Boo Bradley. Months later, Jim Cornette told me he wore those tights every night. I’ll never forget those times, or those tights – or the man. God Bless you John – in earning your nickname, you gave so much to so many.

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