Elijah Burke remembers Balls Mahoney

Apr 13, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Elijah Burke’s Facebook page:

Remembering Balls Mahoney:

Mahoney and I were living proof that two people living two contrasting lifestyles could be friends, get along exceptionally well and have mutual respect for one another. Balls Mahoney was very open about his views yet always respected the beliefs and views of others. I often called Balls “Mahoney” (a throwback line to The Police Academy Movies) but when Mahoney addressed me he NEVER called me Elijah, he simply referred to me as “The Preacher or Reverend.” One day I asked why does he call me such and Mahoney simply said,”You know my beliefs, and I would tell anyone else to F*** off when it comes to their beliefs and views but you’re different, it’s (Message of God & Love) all over you… It’s who you are!! I don’t care for it but if it’s YOU who’s delivering the message then F*** it, I’ll pull up a chair and listen to it because of how you deliver it, because it’s who you’re meant to be!” I don’t know if he knew it then, but it was the biggest compliment Mahoney could’ve ever possibly given to me during our time together in WWE/ECW.

While Mahoney loved the wrestling rings, the hardcore wars and the chair shots to the head which all brought him a certain joy, I personally saw no greater joy and excitement on the face of Mahoney than the one I saw the night of ECW Halloween TV Special when he walked up to Vince McMahon asking to be dismissed from the show because his wife was in labor with their son, to which Vince replied, “Congrats, now get outta here and go see about your wife and son.” The pure expression of Joy on Mahoney’s face that night, I’ll never forget! ~PHS ‪#‎RIPBALLS‬ ‪#‎ECWLegend‬

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