GRP #125 with Teddy Long: NXT talent debuts on Raw, Lesnar’s WWE pay, Ryders wins IC title for a day, more

Apr 7, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

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GRP is Raw

Steve Gerweck, Frank Dee, and GERWECK.NET Hall of famer Teddy Long are back with the latest edition of the Gerweck Report podcast.

Topics covered include:

– The Boogeyman is still eating worms
– Teddy shares stories about Road Warrior Hawk, Bobby Eaton, CM Punk, and Jacqueline
– Long shares his thoughts on Monday Night Raw and the new NXT talent
– AJ Styles becomes the #1 contender
– WWE abruptly ends the Shane McMahon storyline
– Ryder wins the IC title for a day
– Billy Graham gives Shane no credit for his jump off the cage
– No blood in the hell in the cell match?
– The death of Blackjack Mulligan
– Is Brock Lesnar worth $6 million a year?
– Will CM Punk be successful in UFC?
– Will Punk return to WWE if he is unsuccessful in UFC?
– Teddy admits to failing drug tests while in WWE
– Slick or Teddy Long for the WWE hall of fame?
– Will WWE induct the Midnight Express, Jim Cornette and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express?
– Would Teddy Long be a good manager for Roman Reigns?
– Teddy talks about his troubled past before wrestling
– and more!

Warning: Strong language

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