Linda McMahon on Hulk Hogan returning: “Never Say Never”

Apr 1, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon appeared on Yahoo! News Live with Katie Couric to discuss several topics including politics in the United States,
her initiative for empowering women, and Hulk Hogan. McMahon described the 2016 US presidential race as a “wild west” show and some of the comments by candidates have been “deplorable.” As a former candidate for the Senate, McMahon said it’s really hard to run for office especially when they target your family. Linda said that both her husband Vince and her daughter Stephanie were targeted when she was running for Senate and it was not nice so she can understand why sometimes things get messy when it’s up to defending your family. Linda also touched on Trump’s long history with WWE, hosting WrestleMania IV and V and even participating at WrestleMania 23 where he shaved Vince¹s head. She also said that the WWE audience kind of resonates with Trump but that doesn’t mean they will vote for him. When asked about Hulk Hogan, Linda said she followed the trial a bit as he¹s been part of WWE. “I don’t think anyone had the right to take this private tape and I think Gawker was wrong,” Linda said, adding that despite the verdict, Hogan said some horrible and awful things when referring to the racist comments.

“Do you see the possibility of him ever returning?” Couric asked Linda. “Well, that would be now up to Vince and the folks at WWE cause I’m not there anymore when I resigned to run for Senate I didn’t go back. But you know, I think you never say never in WWE,” Linda replied. To close the interview, McMahon said that she has zero plans to run for office again. She ran twice and gave it everything she had and it wasn¹t meant to be. You can see the full interview at .

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