RIP Kris Travis – Always a Shooting Star

Mar 31, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

By Jeremy Borash

Today we lost a great friend and a man who will be remembered for his incredible fighting spirit, Kris Travis.

He fought cancer with great courage and determination. With an entire industry in his corner, Kris took us along on his journey, raising awareness for his illness and the fight he was in.

He took us into the world of his daily ups and downs, victories and defeats, and in doing so brought us all into this fight together.

Two years ago scouting talent for the second season of British Boot Camp, I met Kris after venturing up to Preston, England. The promoter advised to keep a look out for Kris Travis, saying he was a talent we needed to see. Soon “96 Quite Bitter Beings” by CKY started blaring over the speakers and out walked a man so full of confidence, attitude, and swagger that he had won everyone over before the bell had even sounded. How over? We Shazam’d the song as he made his way to the ring. Everything clicked. He made an impression. No wonder they called him “Shooting Star”.

That evening he faced Mark Andrews in an amazing match. They had spectacular chemistry in the ring, and left an impression so strong that not only were they both invited to be part of the series, it wasn’t a coincidence months later they would recreate that same magic in the UK Finals of British Boot Camp in London.

Unfortunately after that amazing performance in York Hall, we learned Kris would not be able to continue on the show, as he was about to go into the biggest fight of his life.

In battling this sickness, he always stayed positive. On the phone, we fantasy booked his comeback story for the third season of British Boot Camp. He joked that there is no way they could give it to someone else after this. His laughter, strength and positivity were the best weapons he had fighting cancer.

Kris embodied the spirit of a British wrestler. While there is no question Kris would be among the dozens of amazing UK wrestlers currently invading the global TV landscape if not for this terrible illness, his fighting spirit is what will always makes him a champion in the eyes of anyone who was fortunate enough to know him.

As evident by the incredible outpouring of tributes and memories industry wide, we lost a man who in a very short time made such a huge impression, and brought a community of wrestling fans, wrestlers, and promoters together like no one else has.

Sometime today take a minute to pull up his theme song… play it loud in your car or in your headphones… and give some thought to what we learned from Kris during his 32 years on earth. Aspire to fight our battles in life with as much positivity, courage and dignity as Kris did. We’ll miss you Trav… but the impression you made will never forgotten.

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