GRP #121 with Teddy Long: Thoughts on Raw, WWE urban legends, backstage pranks, Mr. Anderson, and more

Mar 15, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

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Steve Gerweck, Frank Dee, and future WWE hall of famer Teddy Long are back with the latest edition of the Gerweck Report podcast. We are proud to announce that Long has agreed to be a regular on the podcast!

Topics covered include:

– Thoughts on 3/14 Raw
– The use of Dolph Ziggler
– The current Wrestlemania build up
– Teddy’s Wrestlemania suggestion
– DirecTV and Dish Network not carrying Wrestlemania
– Has Wrestlemania lost a lot of luster?
– Lack of characters and gimmicks in wrestling today
– Is WWE’s developmental system working?
– Teddy talks ROH
– Jobbers!
– Mr. Anderson’s future
– When do wrestlers help others with out the ring problems?
– Did Randy Orton poop in Sable’s bag?
– Did Mark Henry eat a poo sandwitch?
– Backstage WWE pranks
– Disco Inferno’s backstage heat
– JBL’s backstage hazing
– Are Elizabeth and Missy Hyatt hall of famers?
– Teddy’s idea for WWE hall of fame selections
– and more!

Warning: Strong language

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