3/13 WWE house show results from Erie, PA

Mar 14, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Quick results:


–          Show started with Jojo announcing that Roman Reigns would not be appearing, which got a large round of applause. An offer was made to anyone who wanted a refund in the first 20 mins only. No one moved.


–          WWE Tag Team Title Match: New Day(c) def. Sheamus & Wade Barrett

o   Great, fun and funny opener. Different match than at Roadblock but still good.


–          Sami Zayn Def. Stardust

o   After the match Stardust got on the mic and said he was leaving with a clean record and challenged anybody in the back to a match. Out came Mark Henry, to a sizeable pop, who promptly squashed Stardust. A bit different than Roadblock but the finish was the same. A note on Sami Zayn, he seemed a bit in over his head here. Not sure why but he seemed to be almost too relaxed and was a bit sloppy at times. Fans popped big time for him when he came out but he got a lukewarm reception post-match. Stardust was great, as always. He gave the fans in the front rows their money’s worth for sure.


–          Non-Title Match: Enzo & Cass w/Carmella def. The Revial(c)

o   Enzo & Cass were over big time. The match was much different than Roadblock, obviously, and was fun. Cass is huge in person, by the way. Revival looked fantastic. Easily one of the very best tag teams in wrestling today.  


–          Goldust def. Viktor w/Konnor

o   After the “match” was over both Konnor and Viktor put the beat down on Goldust until R-Truth made the save and the two danced their way to the back with Goldust seemingly acting like he could finally trust R-Truth.


–          WWE Diva’s Title Match: Charlotte(c) w/Ric Flair def. Natalya

o   Match of the night for sure. Natalya was over big time. Charlotte got a tiny pop but Flair got a massive pop. The match was not like the Roadblock match but the usual house show match we’ve read about, complete with Flair assisted finish. It’s still a great match though.


–          Chris Jericho def. Jack Swagger

o   Substitute “Erie, PA” for “Toronto” and we got the same exact match from Roadblock. Jericho was working heel overtime here.


–          MAIN EVENT: Dean Ambrose def. Luke Harper w/Bray Wyatt

o   Once again Bray had no physical interaction with anyone but a rowdy fan at ringside. Dean Ambrose got the biggest sustained ovation of the night by far. After the match Sheamus and Barrett hit the ring and put the beat down on Ambrose until New Day hit the ring and made the save. The fans loved babyface New Day as they danced with Ambrose to send the fans home happy.


–          NOTES: House was more than three-quarters full and the fans were really into the matches aside from the Goldust/Viktor “match”. Not one chant for “This is awesome” (thank God) though many of the matches were above average, namely the Revival/Enzo & Cass match and the Diva’s title match, with few fans leaving their seats until intermission. Ambrose is clearly The Man right now. Had Reigns been there I have a strong feeling he would have been booed out of the building and it would have likely spoiled the night. Overall, the injuries and the last-minute shakeup to the card made for a very unpredictable and enjoyable night at the matches. Best WWE house show I’ve been to since, believe it or not, 1992.

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