3/8 TNA Impact Recap (Angle vs. Lashley)

Mar 8, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


TNA Impact Wrestling
London, England (Wembley Arena)
March 08, 2016
Announcers: Josh Matthews & The Pope
Recap by: Josh Boutwell of WrestleView.com

Impact opens up with highlights from Kurt Angle’s TNA career as Matthews and Pope continue to hype up Angle’s final TNA match tonight.

Dixie Carter is in the ring and she thanks the crowd for being here as tonight will be very special and emotional. The TNA roster is surrounding the ring. She says that Angle has wrestled every great in the wrestling business and has done more for wrestling and TNA than anyone else. Kurt Angle comes out as Dixie calls Kurt the greatest wrestler of all time.

Angle gets in the ring as the fans chant “Thank you Angle.” She says that tonight is the end of the Kurt Angle Retirement Tour and she says that no one in TNA ever wanted to see this day come. She says that she will never forget that day 10 years ago when TNA managed to shock the wrestling world when Kurt signed to TNA. She says that Kurt has set the bar in wrestling so high that she is eternally grateful for everything he has done for TNA. Dixie gets choked up and hugs Kurt as the fans continue to chant for him.

Drew Galloway climbs in the ring and literally bows to Kurt. Drew says that he came to TNA for a couple of reasons and one of those reasons was to get the chance to face Angle. Drew says that he means that 100% and he says that it is one thing to listen to Kurt and learn from him backstage but being in the ring with him is the ultimate wrestling class. Drew says that 100% of the guys in TNA wanted to be just like Kurt Angle and he thanks Kurt before hugging him. Kurt is started to get a little emotional and you can tell he is trying not to cry during all of this.

Kurt thanks the fans and says that he is a little overwhelmed with all of this. Kurt says he originally came to TNA because he needed to find himself and a lot of people say that when a wrestler retires he becomes a shell of himself. Kurt says that he is a better man and a better father right now than he has ever been. He thanks Dixie for bringing him to TNA and thanks the TNA roster for letting him compete with them. Kurt thanks the fans and says that he feels like the luckiest man on the planet.

Lashley’s music hits and “The Destroyer” comes out as he will do battle with Angle tonight. Lashley thanks Angle and says that this is an amazing experience to be a part of this for Kurt. He says that today will be a rough day because it is Kurt’s last night in TNA, but it is also a great experience for everyone to be able to see Kurt’s final match in TNA. Lashley says it is an amazing honor for him to wrestle his hero tonight. Lashley thanks Kurt again but then says the sad thing is that Kurt isn’t ready for what Lashley is going to bring tonight. An “Angle’s gonna’ kill you” chant breaks out as Kurt stares Lashley down.


TNA KOTM Championship
King of the Mountain Ladder Match
“Showtime” Eric Young (c) vs. Bram vs. Will Ospreay vs. Big Damo vs. Jimmy Havoc

Rules are pretty simple if you don’t already know them. The name of the game is trying to hang the title above the ring, rather than pulling it down in a typical ladder match (so in essence a Reverse Ladder Match). To be eligible to hang the title, however, a wrestler must first gain a pinfall or submission on one of the other opponents (falls do count anywhere as well), and for sixty seconds the wrestler that is pinned (or submits) will be forced to remain in a penalty box. Once a wrestler has gained eligibility to hang the belt he has that right for the entirety of the match (meaning he doesn’t have to gain a pin each time he wants to hang the title). The bell rings and Big Damo lifts Bram up on his shoulders and hits a Samoa Drop while also hitting a Fall Away Slam on EY at the same time! Jimmy Havoc comes in and belts Damo with a massive Roaring Elbow! Osprey goes for a springboard Back Handspring move but Havoc catches him in midair with a Reverse DVD followed by a second one! Havoc goes for a Lariat but Osprey catches him with a Crucifix Rollup for a pin! Havoc is forced to sit in the penalty box while Osprey attempts to hang the title. EY cuts Ospreay off by flipping the ladder over causing Ospreay to crash hard into the turnbuckles in a nasty bump! On the outside Bram and EY hit a Hart Attack on Ospreay! EY and Bram beat on Damo on the ring steps and take turns beating on him. Havoc is free from the penalty box and immediately climbs to the top of the penalty box and dives off of it with a Plancha onto Damo and Bram! EY decks Havoc and tosses him back in the ring. EY whips Havoc into the corner and charges at him only for Havoc to backdrop EY to the apron. Havoc hits a Forearm Smash and then attempts to Alabama Slam Havoc off the ring steps, but EY reverses it into a Spike Piledriver on the steps! 1…2…3! EY is eligible to hang the title and Havoc goes right back to the penalty box. IN the ring Damo hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam and then goes for the BackSplash Senton, but Bram gets his knees up and hits the Brighter Side of Suffering! Bram pins Damo and Damo goes to the penalty box. As EY is setting up the ladder Bram grabs the KOTM Title and they stare each other down. EY starts smiling and they trade big right hands! EY screams at Bram and then hits the ropes only to eat a Spinning Heel Kick from Bram! Bram sets the ladder back up and climbs up top, but EY pushes it over causing Bram to get clotheslined on the top rope. EY climbs up the ladder but Ospreay takes him out with an AJ Styles like Springboard Flying Forearm! Ospreay climbs up the ladder but EY dives off the top rope with a Flying Neckbreaker on Ospreay off the ladder! EY climbs up the ladder again hangs it!

Winner & STILL KOTM Champ: EY via hanging the title

Another video package highlights Angle’s career with focus on the first epic Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe match.

Maria approaches Dixie Carter backstage and she thanks Dixie for bringing her and Bennett into TNA. Maria says she doesn’t want to overstep the boundaries between her and her husband but she wants Dixie to know that Bennett is planning on calling Dixie out to the ring tonight. She says that Dixie should be open minded because she can make a miracle happen. Maria then says that she thinks she can be a leader for the Knockouts but Dixie says she saw happened with Gail Kim and she believes in action a lot more than words.

Another Decay music video airs, this time with clips of Marilyn Manson’s music video actual blended with The Decay. I am assuming Billy Corgan’s connections are in full play here.


Mike Bennett and Maria are in the ring now and Maria says before Bennett calls Dixie out to the ring she thinks Bennett should tell these people who and what the miracle is. Bennett says that the miracle that is happening tonight is real simple because TNA needs him now more than ever. Bennett says that arguably the greatest wrestler of all time, who Bennett claims ducked him, is on his way out the door so the good news is that he will be now named the #1 Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Bennett says that once he becomes #1 Contender he will go on to win the title and complete his mission to save TNA and save pro wrestling. Bennett calls Dixie down to the ring so they can make this miracle happen, but Drew Galloway comes out instead much to Bennett’s dismay.

Galloway says that Bennett just doesn’t get it and they think that everything is just going to get handed to them. Galloway says this is a wrestling company not a charity and if he wants a title shot he should do a lot more fighting and a lot less running his mouth like a “little bitch.” Galloway says, “speaking of which” and then looks over at Maria which pisses off Galloway. The fans chant “little bitch” and Bennett says that Galloway thinks he’s funny but Galloway says that Drew knows a lot about charity because he begged Angle for a second match because he couldn’t get it done the first time. Bennett says that Drew didn’t earn his title shot, he just won a game show, and claims that Drew is the real charity case and demands that Drew go backstage and get Dixie for him.

Galloway acts like he is going to leave but then instead decks Bennett! Drew beats Bennett down in the corner but Bennett turns it around on Drew as Drew stopped to call Maria a bitch again. Drew comes back with a huge Lariat on Bennett and then as he sets up for the Claymore Bennett bails out of the ring and retreats up the ramp.

Footage of Kurt’s win in KOTM years ago is shown.

Backstage The Wolves talk to Kurt Angle and they talk about looking up to Kurt their entire lives and they thank Kurt for everything he has done for wrestling. Kurt says that they don’t understand just how truly talented they are. He says he was in the ring with them and he knows how great they are. Kurt jokes with Davey about using the Ankle Lock in the match they had. Davey says that he meant no disrespect and says that he used to use it before he came to TNA so he just brought it out. Kurt says no apology needed and says that Ken Shamrock passed the move to him and now he is passing it to Davey. Kurt tells The Wolves to go take care of Beer Money and after that he will show Davey some different ways to put on the Ankle Lock he may not know after.


TNA Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim (c) vs. Jade

Gail attacks Jade before the bell and Spears her! Gail tosses Jade into the corner and lays into her with some stiff forearms. Gail hits a Running Dropkick that sends Jade crashing into the turnbuckles. Gail hits a series of forearms but then Jade ducks a clothesline and hits a beautiful Gut Buster! Jade puts the boots to Gail and then lays into her with some good old fashioned right hands. Jade hits a clothesline and then just stands on the stomach of Gail before connecting with a series of round kicks. Gail grabs Jade’s leg on the third one but then Jade kicks her with the free leg. Jade goes for a Yakuza Kick but Gail moves out of the way and then hits a Running Cross Body in the corner. Gail trips Jade and pulls her legs outside and wraps them around the ring post in a Hanging Figure Four! Gail releases the hold and then climbs to the top but Jade crawls to the other side forcing Gail to climb back down. As Gail grabs Jade’s leg Jade kicks her with the free one and then puts her in a gorgeous Indian Death Lock/Bridging Crossface! Gail breaks the hold by slapping Jade repeatedly but then Jade goes right back to kicking at Gail. Jade hits a Overhead Gutwrench Suplex for a nearfall. Jade picks Gail up but Gail tries to counter with a Backslide only for Jade to reverse it into a Fujiwara Armbar! Gail fights the hold and then rolls through and reverses it into a Headscissors. Gail uses her arms to push up into kind of a Hanging Headscissors but releases the hold as she sells the armbar she was just in so Jade goes right back to the arm and kicks it repeatedly. Jade dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body but Gail moves out of the way and lays into Jade with a series of forearms. Gail whips Jade into the corner and hits a Flying Clothesline followed by a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Gail continues to sell her arm but goes for Eat Defeat anyway only for Jade to counter into a Bridging German Suplex for another nearfall. Jade argues with the referee and then goes for the Package Piledriver, but Gail manages to lift her foot up into a crazy kick to fight it off. Gail dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body, but Jade rolls through and Gail reverses right back into the pin!

Winner & STILL KO Champ: Gail via pinfall (rollup reversal)


A vignette highlighting all the recent EC3/Spud/Hardy drama is shown. They announce that EC3 gets another shot at the title live next week. A pre-taped promo airs with Matt Hardy bitching about EC3 getting another shot. He says this is a conspiracy and that EC3 whined and politicked to his aunt to get another shot. He says that EC3 cannot defeat him and next week he will defeat EC3 for the third time. The dude looked like he was literally sitting on a throne.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
The Wolves (c) vs. Beer Money

This is the first time these two great tag teams have ever faced each other. Davey and Storm will start the match off. They lockup and Davey gets Storm in a wristlock. Storm reverses the hold into a wristlock of his own but Davey counters out and tags in Eddie. Eddie dives off the top with a Flying Axe Handle and he twists on the arm of Storm before tagging Davey into the match. Davey dives off with a Axe Handle as well only to eat a big Forearm Smash from Storm. Roode tags into the match and works on Davey’s arm before transitioning into a Side Headlock. Eddie blind tags himself in and Davey shoves Roode into the ropes. Eddie drop toeholds Roode and Davey hits an Elbow Drop. Storm tries to interfere but The Wolves whip him into the corner and take turns hitting huge elbows in the corner. Davey drop toeholds Storm and Eddie comes flying in with an Elbow Drop. Eddie goes back to work on Roode but Roode kicks him and then calls Storm into the ring. They go for the Beer Money Double Suplex but Davey saves Eddie and then they send Beer Money to the apron. The Wolves hit Dual Mafia Kicks knocking Beer Money to the floor and then they hit Double Tope Suicidas onto Beer Money on the floor! Eddie tosses Roode back in the ring and hits a Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop for a nearfall. Eddie lights Roode up with some chops and then he whips Roode into the corner. Storm blind tags Roode and then Roode hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Russian Leg Sweep from Storm for a nearfall. Storm immediately puts Roode in a Waistlock and then he release the hold just long enough to elbow Eddie in the ribs and going right back to the hold. Storm transitions into a Front Chancery and then Roode tags in and Beer Money whip Eddie into the ropes. Roode Scoop Slams Eddie and then Storm comes in with an Elbow Drop followed by a Knee Drop from Roode for a nearfall. Roode hits a Snapmare Takeover on Eddie and then locks him in a chinlock. Eddie fights the hold off and then lights Roode up with chops and leaps for a tag only for Roode to catch him in midair. Eddie rolls Roode up for a nearfall but then eats a nasty Lariat from Roode for another nearfall. Roode tags Storm back in the match and then Beer Money goes for a Double Back Suplex but Eddie lands on his feet and hits a Double Rana on both Storm and Roode! Eddie reaches for the tag but Davey grabs Eddie’s ankle only for Eddie to kick him off and tag in Davey! Davey hits an Enziguri and then a Dropkick/DDT combo on both of them!

A promo hypes up Jeff Hardy’s return next week.


Davey goes for a Brainbuster but Storm blocks it and then Davey counters into a rollup and transitions into a crazy Reverse Figure Four! Roode tries to break it up but Davey trips him and locks in an Ankle Lock! Storm manages to reach the ropes to break the hold but then Davey climbs up top only to eat a huge upprercut from Storm. Storm climbs up with Davey and goes for a Frankensteiner, but Davey blocks it and then crotches Storm on the top. Eddie hits an Enziguri on Storm from the apron and then dives off the apron with a Flying Knee on Roode on the floor! Davey climbs to the opposite corner and hits a Van Terminator while Eddie hits a Baseball Slide Dropkick on Storm at the same time! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Eddie tags into the match and they go for Chasing The Dragon but Roode pulls Davey to the floor and Storm backdrops Eddie. Storm hits a Leaping Enziguri on Eddie as he climbed up top. Storm hits a Frankensteiner off the top and Roode dives off the top with a Frog Splash! 1…2…NO Davey breaks it up! Davey knocks Roode to the floor and attempts a Roaring Elbow on Storm but Storm kicks his arm away and hits a Backstabber! Roode tags back in the ring and Beer Money hits the Beer Money Double Suplex! They go for the DWI but Eddie counters with a knee to the head and then a series of huge Front Kicks to both of them. Davey nails a charging Storm with a Leaping Enziugri and then he dives off the top right into Closing Time from Storm in midair! Davey landed really awkward on one of his knees and immediately rolled to the floor. That is the spot where he tore his ACL. Eddie improvises and hits Storm with a Superkick only for Storm to bounce right with a Last Call of his own! Eddie falls into a Double-R Spinebuster from Roode! Roode catapults Eddie into a Spike DDT from Storm! 1…2…NO Eddie still kicks out! Roode lifts Eddie up to the top rope and attempts a Superplex but Eddie fights him off and shoves him to the mat. Eddie goes for a dive but Storm crotches him and then Roode lifts him up into the DWI! 1…2…3!

Winners & NEW Tag Champs: Beer Money via pinfall (DWI)

Medical staff can be seen attending to Davey on the floor as Beer Money celebrates and Eddie ends up helping Davey to the back. That truly sucks, especially after such an awesome match. There is no telling how amazing the series of matches those teams were about to have in the coming months.

A video package highlighting Kurt Angle’s induction into the Hall of Fame is shown.

Lahley approaches Galloway backstage and says that after tonight there will be a new top dog in town and it isn’t Galloway. “You’re not ready for it,” Lashley says.


TNA shows several fan videos, posted on Twitter, thanking Kurt Angle for everything he has done in TNA.

Backstage Mike Bennett approaches Kurt Angle and Bennett says that he is a firm believer in you get what you ask for. He says that Kurt deserves everything that is going to happen to him tonight because he could have faced a future Hall of Famer like him instead. Bennett says that in case he ever gets that itch again he will always be there waiting. Kurt get’s super serious and gets in Bennett’s face and says that Bennett better pray that he NEVER comes back because it will “get real…DAMN REAL” and calls him a punk.

Grado runs out and grabs the microphone from Jeramy Borash. Grado says he has proof of what he has been claiming all this time. Grado says he has a buddy that works in the production truck and he is about to run video of his proof, but Eli Drake and Jessie come out.

Eli says that since the day that Grado has been pathetic since the day he came to TNA and now he is even more pathetic than he’s ever been as he begs for his job. Drake tells the fans to shutup and says that since Grado can’t seem to take a hint he is going to come down and beat his ass. Jessie says that since no one else seems to want to escort him out tonight they are more than happy to do it themselves so no one has to see his ugly face in TNA anymore.

Drake and Jessie beat Grado down but Mahabali Shera comes out and makes the save. Drake hits Shera with his Feast or Fired case knocking him out of the ring and then he goes to hit Grado with it, but Grado ducks and Drake hits Jessie! Grado hits a Diamond Cutter on Drake and then grabs the Feast or Fired case and retreats!


Another video package highlighting Jeff Hardy’s return next week is shown along with hyping up Hardy-EC3.

A great vignette highlighting Kurt’s Farewell Tour as well as his entire wrestling career is shown with highlights and comments from members of TNA’s roster and staff, really well done. “The fan boy still inside of Shane Helms wants to see Kurt Angle wrestle every night,” Shane Helms says. I think we can all agree with that Shane.


Main Event
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. “The Destroyer” Lashley

These two have faced each other a number of times in TNA and each time it has been an epic match. Lashley has said multiple times that Kurt was genuinely a huge influence on him and the main reason he pursued a pro wrestling career. JB does the Boxing style intros here. Lashley locks up with Angle with a Waistlock but Angle counters with an armdrag and then he locks in a headlock. Lashley breaks the hold and slams Angle into the turnbuckles. Lashley attempts a clothesline but Angle ducks and hits a Release German Suplex! Lashley gets pissed and charges at Angle again only to eat another Release German Suplex! Lashley rolls to the floor and tries to regain his composure. They lockup and Lashley quicly school boys Angle for a nearfall. Lashley then lays into Angle with a series of elbows and then he charges right into an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex from Angle! Angle hits the ropes but Lashley leapfrogs him and then lifts Angle up and drops him across the top turnbuckle with Snake Eyes! Lashley gets a nearfall and then punt kicks Angle in the head. Lashley beats Angle down in the corner and starts choking him as well. Lashley hits a series of elbows on Angle in the corner and then lights Angle up with some nasty Shoulder Blocks capped off with a Running Shoulder Block. Lashley goes for a Vertical Suplex but Angle fights him off and hits a running front kick. Angle then goes for another kick but Angle catches his leg and hits a Spinning Back Elbow. Lashley puts Angle in a headlock but Angle fights him off with a series of elbows. They exchange right hands and finally Angle ducks a shot and hits the Rolling German Suplexes! Before Angle can hit a third one Lashley hits a series of elbows followed by a Running Powerslam. Lashley sets up for the Spear but Angle kicks him in the head and then hits the Olympic Slam for a nearfall. Angle has a nice cut on his cheek and it looks like his lip is busted open. Angle hits the Rolling German Suplexes again and after a third one Angle locks in the Angle Lock! Lashley manages to counter the hold into a Cross Armbreaker! Angle rolls over and locks the Angle Lock back on! Lashley manages to kick Angle off and then as Angle charges at him Lashley connects with a Spinebuster! Lashley hits the Spear! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Lashley hits a second Spear and again Angle still kicks out! Lashley cannot believe it and starts to show some frustration. Lashley goes for a third Spear but Angle sidesteps this time sending Lashley crashing into the turnbuckles. Angle rolls Lashley up and locks in the Angle Lock! Angle drops back to his back and great vines Lashley’s legs! Lashley shows off his strength by literally dragging Angle to the ropes by using nothing by his arms. Angle stands back up and tries to drag Lashley back to the center only for Lashley to kick him off. Angle charges at Lashley but Lashley sidesteps him and hits a third Spear for the pin!

Winner: Lashley via pinfall (Spear)

After the match another “Thank you Angle” chant starts and Lashley embraces Kurt before raising his arms. Suddenly Lashley decks Angle and lays him out! Lashley Spears Angle a fourth time! Lashley then grabs the referee and throws him to the floor! Drew Galloway hits the ring and backs Lashley down and screams at him. Galloway goes to check on Angle but eats a Spear! Eddie Edwards hits the ring and immediately eats a Spear as well! Lashley hits a fifth Spear on Angle and then EC3’s music hits!

EC3 hits the ring and gets in Lashley’s face but Lashley just smirks and retreats as EC3 stares him down. EC3 checks on Angle.

1) TNA KOTM Title King of the Mountain Ladder Match: Eric Young (c) def. Bram, Big Damo, Will Ospreay, and Jimmy Havoc to retain the title!
2) TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim (c) def. Jade to retain the title!
3) TNA Tag Team Titles: Beer Money def. The Wolves (c) to win the titles!
4) Lashley def. Kurt Angle

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young
-TNA World Title: Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy (c)

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