3/5 WWE house show results from Cedar Rapids, IA

Mar 6, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

* Styles vs. The Miz: Styles wins with flying forearm. Crowed loved Styles. Miz cut a small promo when taking off his glasses on how we need to shut up and we are fat slobs

* Social Outcasts (Rose and Axel) vs. Darren Young and Jack Swagger: Swagger and Young win with the patriot lock. The crowd was hot for Swagger and Young.

* Tag Title Match: Champions New Day vs. Usos vs. Dudleyz: New Day wins in a hilarious match it was fun to watch. New Day cut a promo before the match on how Big E graduated from Iowa and Iowa is a bunch of losers and that they are the winners; they sang we are the champions.

* US Title Match: Champion Kalisto defeated King Barrett: Kalisto wins, lots of lets go Barrett and Barrett sucks chants. Good entertaining match, back and forth, but nothing special.


* Divas Title Match: Champion Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch: Charlotte wins with roll up pin while holding the tights. It was a great match, good pops for both, but Becky was more over.

* Sheamus vs. Neville: Sheamus wins, kind of a squash match, but Neville did get some good offense in. It was not very entertaining, people seemed to lose interest.

* IC Title Match: Champion Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose: Dean wins by DQ, good match. Kevin beat down Dean before the bell rang. Huge pop for Dean, good heat for Kevin. After the match Kevin cut a promo asking if the ref was from Cedar Rapids because he’s stupid. He then said all that matters is he is still the champ than Dean hit his finisher on Kevin to send the crowd home happy

credit: Brandon & 411mania.com/wrestling

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