Sunny fires back at Edge and Christian

Mar 2, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

– As expected, the dig at Sunny on the Edge & Christian WWE Network show did not go down well with the former Diva and she unloaded on the two in several posts on Twitter. “Those who matter in the WWE office called to check on me in the hospital a couple weeks ago. Edge and Christian are just douchebags,” Sytch wrote before suggesting that “the office” probably didn’t write it and Edge and Christian came up with it. “Everyone knows I speak my mind. And I’ll rip them both new assholes without fail. It’s fine. Those two f**king ugly Canadians can say what they want. I WILL see them at a convention somewhere, you know I’m a ruthless bitch,” she added. Before signing off, she had one last dig at them, saying that both of them had crushes on her when they first got hired and said that Carl DeMarco – the WWE Canada President at the time – can verify that information. She then said that they’re bitter because she “didn’t f**k them!”

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