Jim Ross discusses the time he was fired from WWE over video game panel

Mar 2, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

– In anticipation of his debut on AXS TV for New Japan Pro Wrestling, new commentator Jim Ross recorded an interview for The Voice Versus show which will air on AXS TV on Friday, March 4 at 8PM EST and serve as the lead-in for the NJPW show. During the interview, JR was asked about his departure from WWE and the announcement from the company that he was going into retirement. “No, I got fired,” JR responded bluntly. When asked of how much of being fired had to do with the WWE 2K13 SummerSlam panel where Ric Flair crashed the show, JR said, “All of it.” Ross said that Flair had not healed yet from the passing of his son and still needed to grieve but instead was thrown into the panel for the game. “Unfortunately I was the moderator,” Ross added. He said he didn’t want to make any excuses, but he didn’t have an ear piece, he didn’t have a production meeting, he didn’t have a producer, and didn’t talk to the talent beforehand because the talent were in the green room drinking. Ross admitted that he let the whole thing “derail” but didn’t think he should have been fired for it and WWE could have easily let his contract expire and he would have disappeared. “Vince made it clear to his staff he was going to take care of this matter,” Ross said, revealing that McMahon’s assistant called him a few weeks later and told him that Vince wants to meet with him and JR felt that he’s going to get fired. “The train went off the tracks, man, and I was the driver. He’s already told everybody he’s going to handle it. How can he keep face to his employees and his inner circle if he handles it by…what’s he going to do, scold me? I’m 60 years old,” Ross said. You can see the 5 minute preview at http://w-o.it/1RHCxO9 .

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