Nikki Bella says she’s healing “like superwoman”

Feb 27, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

In a post on Twitter, Nikki Bella said that she is healing “like Superwoman” after the latest check-up with Dr. Uribe at Tampa General Hospital. Nikki underwent surgery on January 27 to repair a broken neck and a herniated disk, the results of continuing use of her finishing move the Rack Attack. It will take around six months before doctors can figure out if Nikki can resume her wrestling career but judging from her tweets, things are looking up for her. There’s no rehabilitation process per-se for this kind of surgery apart from doing nothing and keeping your neck as straight as possible. Nikki still wears a neck brace during most of the day to limit her neck movement to a minimum. Just a few days following surgery, Nikki said that she was feeling better every day.

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