2/23 TNA Impact Wrestling Recap

Feb 24, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Impact Wrestling

credit: Impactwrestling.com

IMPACT Lockdown Results From London, England


Lockdown “6 Sides of Steel” kicked off with Veteran Tag Team Beer Money, James Storm & Bobby Roode. As they entered the arena the always vocal UK crowd were on their feet and cheering to be on Storm’s “Boozer Cruiser Cam”. It didn’t take long for the action to start when Beer Money rushed to the outside and brought the fight to the IMPACT ramp, interrupting Eric Young & Bram’s entrances. Early on, E.Y. & Bram were able to isolate Bobby Roode to gain the early advantage inside the cage. After James Storm recovered he was able to get back into the 6 Sides of Steel to help Roode. Then it was time for Beer Money to show the London crowd just why the veteran tag team has reunited. The match was filled with back and forth hard hitting action, with some impressive top rope offense from both teams. Beer Money was able get the UK crowd rallied behind them, and were right on time with their Tag Team offense. In the end they were able to hit the DWI on Bram and get the first Victory of the night at Lockdown!

Winners: Beer Money

Madison Rayne has been assaulted! She’s confused and hurt and needs medical assistance.

EC3 enters the arena and has a message for Matt Hardy before they face off for the World Title in the Main Event tonight at Lockdown. EC3 runs down Matt Hardy and his wife Reby, before inviting his long time friend Rockstar Spud to join him in the Ring to thank him for having his back last week. Spud let’s the UK crowd know that Matt Hardy is rotten to the core and nobody tells Spud what he can and can’t do…until Matt Hardy interrupts, with his wife Reby and Tyrus beside him. Matt Hardy says he’s going to give EC3 the most embarrassing night of his career. EC3 gets the final word and vows to take Matt Hardy to Hell inside the Six Sides Of Steel.

A strange message from Jimmy Havok about Rosemary and their sordid past together. He warns us that we don’t know how dangerous she can be, and that she was his first and will get her back.


Right away this match starts off with fast paced action that favors Tigre Uno’s style and we see some near pin falls. Trevor Lee is vicious on Tigre Uno, this seems to be his strategy to stop all of Uno’s momentum, and keep the luchadore grounded. It all seems to be a fight plan well thought out by Shane Helms. Tigre Uno has had enough and gets fired up, and starts to use the Six Sides of Steel to his advantage by repeatedly throwing Trevor Lee into the walls. Tigre Uno climbs to the top of the cage and delivers a massive flying cross body onto Trevor Lee! Shane Helms is shocked on the outside at what he’s just seen, and Tigre Uno is slow to cover, which allows Trevor Lee to desperately kick out on the 2 count. Trevor Lee is able to gain the upper hand quickly with some heavy knee strikes and hits Tigre Uno with his Fisherman’s Buster to retain the X-Division Title.

Winner and still X-Division Champion: Trevor Lee

Maria is trying to give Gail Kim more advice on running the Knockouts Division and Gail has had enough. She tells Maria it’s time to let her actions speak louder than words and to show up to take Madison Rayne’s place tonight in the Knockouts Lethal Lockdown Match.

Rosemary is confronted by Jimmy Havok. He gives her a gift of some creepy mask, and let’s her know that he wants her back.


Weapons decorate the Six Sides of Steel walls to set the tone for this historic Knockouts match. Jade and Gail Kim start off Knockouts Lethal Lockdown with high impact offense, both women exchange a lot of elbows and kicks back and forth. As the first round expires Gail Kim has the advantage over Jade, and Marti Bell is the next entrant into the Knockouts Lethal Lockdown match. Marti is able to prevent Gail Kim from getting a weapon, and Marti keeps Gail Kim down as the round expires. The next entrant is Velvet Sky for The Beautiful People. Velvet sends Jade into the steel walls multiple times, and hits a big Neck Breaker on Marty keeping the Doll’s House down. The next entrant into the match is Doll’s House member Rebel. Rebel throws some mean Roundhouse Kicks into the heads of Gail Kim and Velvet Sky along with delivering some innovative Back Breakers. Rebel grabs a baking pan and blasts Gail Kim with it, Jade unloads with a kendo stick but it backfires and all the Knockouts are taken out. The final entrant into the match is Maria taking Madison Rayne’s place for the Beautiful People. However instead of competing and earning respect of the Knockouts division, Maria turns her back on The Beautiful People and Gail Kim. Maria locks them all in the cage, leaving The Beautiful People outnumbered by The Doll’s House. After some hardcore weapons offense there are a few near pins, but in the end Jade delivers a Piledriver to Gail Kim on a chair and gets the win, claiming victory in the Knockouts Lethal Lockdown Match for The Doll’s House.

Winnes: Jade of The Doll’s House

Kurt Angle gives EC3 his endorsement and some advice for his future.

In the ring Kurt Angle gives a moving speech to the fans at Wembley Arena on his retirement tour, until Bobby Lashley interrupts Kurt. Lashley says that Kurt Angle isn’t the Olympic champion he once was even though people want him to be. Lashley claims that he can beat Angle on his best day and that he will get his revenge on Angle for bragging about his victory of Lashley the year before. Angle gets fired up and let’s Bobby Lashley know that he’s just pissed him off and challenges him to wrestle right there. Lashley backs down and decides to wait for a better opportunity.


Eli Drake tries to convince the crowd that Grado is fired and that Odarg shouldn’t even be allowed to compete. Odarg “The Great” enters and it’s easy to see he is the crowd favorite in Wembley Arena. The match begins and Odarg showcases his quickness, strength, and agility as he scales the Six Sides of Steel. After being outclassed by the speed of Odarg, Eli Drake punches the cage and then feels the wrath of Odarg’s earth shattering striking abilities. Eli Drake has no choice but to hit Odarg with a low blow, if only to save himself. Eli Drake gains control and hits Odarg while he’s down repeatedly, Drake then taunts the UK crowd. Eli Drake hits his patented Eli Elbow on Odarg. Then Drake’s tag team partner, Mr. Pectacular Jessie Godderz, opens the Six Sides of Steel door from the outside. Eli Drake tries to escape but Odarg grabs Eli by his trunks until he has a wardrobe malfunction. Odarg capitalizes under the full moon, and unloads a huge Odarg “The Great” Cannonball Splash on Eli Drake in the corner. While Eli Drake is down Odarg ascends the Six Sides of Steel like a phoenix rising. Odarg is able to get over the top of the cage but Eli Drake grabs him by his mask! Odarg slips away from the clutches of Eli Drake even though he loses his mask at the end, Odarg “The Great” is victorious at Lockdown!

Winner: Odarg “The Great”

Jimmy Havok confronts Crazy Steve and Abyss about Rosemary being his before she was theirs. Crazy Steve and Abyss decide to teach Jimmy a lesson The Decay way, and Rosemary returns his gift.

Creative Director Billy Corgan and Grado are having an argument about Grado being released at Feast or Fired. Eli Drake comes over to add fuel to the fire until Billy Corgan tells Grado he has to go. Grado fights it but he’s still escorted out by Harris Brothers Security.


An extremely focused EC3 enters the Six Sides of Steel while the excited UK crowd are waving their arms and singing EC3’s entrance theme. Backstage we see Tyrus let The World Champion Matt Hardy know it’s time to go to the ring, Hardy and Tyrus enter the arena. Hardy and EC3 face off in a stare down that quickly erupts into trading punches to the head, and chops to the chest. After a flury of offense by EC3, Matt Hardy is able to battle back and regain the advantage. From the outside Tyrus throws a chair over the top of the cage to Matt Hardy. Hardy unloads a hard chair shot across the back of EC3, while Tyrus verbally berates Ethan Carter from the outside, reminding him that he’s “all alone now”. Matt and EC3 continue to trade high impact moves to each other, Matt hits multiple Side Effects, and Ethan hits the TK3, but neither man get the victory. While on the outside, Tyrus has removed the chain from the cage door and stands in the way of EC3 exiting the Six Sides of Steel. EC3 invites Tyrus to get into the ring so he can get some retribution on his former bodyguard. Tyrus accepts and comes into the ring and gets layed out by EC3, if only for a moment. Tyrus recovers and tries to lock EC3’s wrist to the cage but it backfires and Tyrus finds himself locked to the cage. EC3 unloads on him repeatedly with extremely hard steel chair shots. Ethan Carter turns around and out of no where Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and covers, but EC3 is able to barely kick out on 2. Eventually both men climb their way to the top rope, and both suffer the consequences of a top rope side Russian leg sweep. Both men are winded and down from that crash but Matt Hardy is able to get to his feet first and regain the upper hand. Hardy puts a chair around the neck of EC3 and hits him with another Twist of Fate. EC3 refuses to give up and kicks out again out of desperation. Matt and EC3 continue to ground and pound each other as they crawl to the cage door. Reby Hardy comes to ringside with a hammer in her hands to give to Matt Hardy, but Rockstar Spud appears and runs down to stop her. Suddenly Spud turns and slams the Six Sides of Steel door shut on the skull of EC3, knocking him out cold. The UK crowd is in shock at what they are witnessing. Rockstar Spud opens the cage door and allows The Champion Matt Hardy to exit the cage and retain his World Title. Things take a vial turn at the end when Matt Hardy commands Rockstar Spud to “Kill The Cancer” referring to EC3. Rockstar Spud straddles a knocked out and defenseless EC3 laying on the steps. Rockstar raises the chair and smashes the skull of EC3 again on the steel steps. Rockstar Spud has sold out to Matt Hardy.

Winner and still TNA World Champion: Matt Hardy

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