Photo: Finn Balor comes out dressed as Bayley at NXT show

Feb 21, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

(credit: Shawn Hayes)

Finn Balor and Bayley are having the time of their lives at NXT and it was evident at last night’s non-televised NXT live event in Albany, New York. After the main event was over, Balor walked to the back and Bayley came out to the top of the stage and waited for a few seconds before her theme song kicked in and Balor came out dressed as Bayley. The two did the whole Bayley entrance and once in the ring, hilarity continued when Bayley removed her jacket revealing a Balor Club shirt and Balor arm sleeves. As the crowd chanted “hug him,” Balor grabbed the mic and said “Finn 3:16 says I just hugged your ass!” and hugged Bayley, going down on the mat and rolling on each other like children. The crowd obviously ate it all up, enjoying the moment. Last time around Bayley came out looking like Balor when he was injured to cheer him up! You can see the video at

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