Report: Bret Hart Won’t Need Chemo or Radiation

Feb 20, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Bret Hart draws Ric Flair

Dave Meltzer talked with Bret Hart earlier this week and gave an update on his cancer diagnosis and surgery on Thursday morning’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

As noted last week, Bret Hart had prostate cancer surgery. The cancer was found early and Bret had his prostate removed so there is no more cancer in his body. Doctors are hoping for a complete recovery and he does not need to do chemo or radiation, which is great news.

Bret actually knew about his cancer diagnosis for a while but kept quiet about it and doctors told him that he should get his wrist surgery done before he got the prostate cancer surgery so he did a lot of bike riding so he could get into shape for the surgery.

We are glad to hear that everything went well and it looks like Bret has made cancer submit to the sharpshooter.

credit: Bleacher Report

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