2/16 TNA Impact Wrestling Recap

Feb 16, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Manchester, England (Manchester Arena)
February 16, 2016
Announcers: Josh Matthews & The Pope
Recap by: Josh Boutwell of Wrestleview.com

Impact opens up with a highlight of the beef between The Decay and The Wolves and EC3/Matt Hardy.

Backstage EC3 approaches Dixie Carter and she says that she is glad to see him but EC3 cuts her off and says that Matt Hardy has shown his true colors. He says that he is making it his life mission to get him out of TNA and that starts with taking away the World Title. Dixie says that she agrees and she is giving EC3 his rematch next week at Lockdown inside the cage. EC3 says that is next week but he has something to do right now first.

EC3 comes to the ring and he says that he knows who he is and what he has done. He says that he came into TNA 2 years ago with a giant chip on his shoulder. He says that he has defeated legends in the business but he is concerned with only one name right now: Matt Hardy. He says that he gets his rematch next week inside the cage at Lockdown and says that Hardy will be locked inside a cage with EC3’s wrath, fury, and vengeance, but that is next week but he has a problem right now that he needs to take care of with Tyrus. He says that he and Tyrus had a business relationship but Tyrus made another business decision to cost EC3 the World Title. He says that he doesn’t know if Tyrus is babysitting Matt Hardy’s baby right now or even breast feeding him but he needs to put the kid down and come handle this like men.

Tyrus comes out and says that EC3 doesn’t want any part of this. EC3 calls Tyrus “Salami tits” and says that is exactly what he wants. Tyrus says that EC3 has had someone watching his back his entire life so he knows he is afraid to be alone. He says they were once friends and business partners and he even respected EC3 so much he called him boss, but someone that is a boss is someone that takes care of things and handles business. He says that a boss is supposed to be loyal to those that watch his back. Tyrus gets in EC3’s face and says that he will end EC3. EC3 asks Tyrus if he is done and then punches him in the face!

Tyrus and EC3 brawl around the ring and then the fight spills out to the floor. EC3 slams Tyrus into the guardrail and then Matt Hardy runs out and attacks EC3 from behind. They beat EC3 down and Matt Hardy slaps EC3 repeatedly while Tyrus holds him down. Matt pulls out a chair and goes to hit EC3 with it but EC3 mule kicks Tyrus in the balls to get free and then kicks the chair away from Matt. Matt and Tyrus bail out of the ring as EC3 starts swinging the chair around.

Matt Hardy mocks EC3 saying that he is “real tough” with a chair in his hand but says that if EC3 wants his revenge so badly he can do it in a Tag Team Match if he can find someone that can stand him enough to team with him.


EY and Bram are in the ring as we come back from commercials. EY screams at everyone to look at his title and he says that he is the “King” and a God. He asks if there is anyone in the crowd tough enough to take his title away from him and then says that there isn’t anyone here that can take the title away from him. He says that one person he knows will never be able to take it away from him is Jeff Hardy.

Beer Money interrupts EY and Roode says that if EY is looking for someone tough enough then he doesn’t have to look any further than Beer Money. He says that they will be happy to come down and kick both of their asses. EY says that Roode already had his chance and he is at the back of the line now because he is a nothing. Storm tells EY to shut up and he says that last he heard this wasn’t a talk show, it is Impact Wrestling and EY didn’t beat him. He says he came back to TNA to whoop somebodies ass, not run his mouth and he is going to do that right now!

TNA King of the Mountain Championship
“Showtime” Eric Young (c) w/ Bram vs. “Cowboy” James Storm w/ Bobby Roode

Storm clotheslines EY and then whips him into the corner where EY flips over it and lands on his feet. Storm nails him with a Leaping Enziguri and then a Hanging DDT off the ropes for a nearfall. Storm hits the ropes but Bram trips him and EY charges right into an elbow from Storm. Storm kicks Bram away but then walks into an uppercut from EY knocking him through the ropes to the floor. EY dives off the apron with an Axe Handle Drop on Storm and then he and Bram double team Storm while Earl Hebner tries to keep Roode away. EY rolls Storm back in the ring and gets a series of nearfalls. EY puts the boots to Storm and then nails him with a Running Back Elbow as Storm attempted a minor comeback. EY gets another nearfall and then hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for yet another nearfall. EY puts Storm in a Rear Chinlock but Storm fights him off with elbows to the ribs. Storm hits the ropes and connects with a Running Forearm and then an Atomic Drop followed by a clothesline. Storm hits the Calf Wrangler for a nearfall and then the Closing Time! Storm goes for the Last Call but Bram hits the ring only to eat a Spear from Roode! Storm tosses EY to the floor as Roode clotheslines Bram to the floor as well. EY slams Storm into the ring steps and then he lays Roode out with a Forearm Smash. Hebner counts both men out as EY/Bram and Beer Money continue to brawl.

Winner: DRAW via double countout

The brawl spills into the crowd where Storm hits Bram with a beer.

In the back Drew Galloway approaches EC3 and says that he knows EC3 needs a tag team partner. He says that they have a common goal, the World Title, and EC3 says he appreciates the offer but tonight he has to stand alone. Drew says that he respects that but reminds EC3 that he has a shot at the World Title whenever he wants no matter who the champion is and wishes EC3 luck.


Backstage Beer Money continues to brawl with EY and Bram. The fight spills into a laundry room.

Maria comes out and she introduces us to her “future World Heavyweight Champion” and she says that he will inspire us because he inspires her…THE MIRACLE MIKE BENNETT! Am I the only one that absolutely loves everything about Bennett’s entrance? He is one of the few in TNA that doesn’t have a crappy theme. Bennett says that he is a future World Champion and he said it the minute he walked into TNA and all the wrestlers in the back took notice. He says that Kurt Angle took notice and that is why he cheap shotted him and ducked him last week. Bennett says that Drew Galloway is walking around with that briefcase but that briefcase is just a ticking time bomb because Galloway will lose and he will prove to everyone that he is a failure. Bennett says that Kurt Angle has ducked him so he wants to wrestle one of the UK’s own and challenges Mark Andrews to come out to face him. When Mandrews comes out Bennett says that he has seen what Andrews can do in the ring and it has impressed him, but it will take a miracle for him to beat Bennett. Mandrews says that Bennett should shut the hell up and then punches him.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria vs. Mandrews

Mandrews hits a series of armdrags but then Bennett blocks one only for Mandrews to coutner him with another one. Mandrews goes for a Standing Moonsault but Bennett gets hits boots up and then hits a beautiful Spinebuster. Bennett whips Mandrews in the corner and connects with a Running Clothesline. Bennett whips him into the opposite corner and connects with another Running Clothesline followed by a Running Mafia Kick for a nearfall. Bennett puts Mandrews in a Rear Chinlock but Mandrews fights him off with forearms and then he hits the ropes only to eat a Flapjack from Bennett followed by a Sliding Dropkick for another nearfall. Bennett slaps Mandrews repeatedly which fires Mandrews up causing him to run Bennett into the corner. Mandrews hits a series of chops and forearms and then a Leaping Enziguri as Bennett tried to fend him off! Mandrews hits a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT followed by a Standing Corkscrew Moonsault for a nearfall! Mandrews attempts to whip Bennett into the corner but Bennett reverses it and charges at Mandrews. Mandrews sidesteps Bennett and hits a Leaping Enziguri. Mandrews climbs up top but Bennett crotches him and hits a Tower of London (Hanging Diamond Cutter) followed by a Shortarm Right Hand. Bennett hits the MIP (Miracle In Progress – Fireman’s Carry into a Michinoku Driver) for the pin!

Winner: Mike Bennett via pinfall (MIP)

After the match Bennett continues to beat on Mandrews and goes for a second MIP but Galloway walks out causing Bennett to put Mandrews down. Bennett dares Galloway to get in the ring but when Drew does Bennett bails out and retreats up the ramp.

In the back Rosemary and The Decay cut a bizarre promo talking about going to a “dance” with nothing to wear. She says that The Wolves will be left laying in a pool of their own blood. Abyss says that Rosemary will be the most beautiful woman at the “ball” and everytime they meet The Wolves they leave them in a pool of their own decay. A weirdo with British accent walks up to The Decay and says that he hasn’t forgotten about Rosemary. Steve gets in the guys face and he tells Steve and Abyss that it has nothing to do with them and then he blows a kiss at Rosemary before leaving. I’m pretty sure that was Jimmy Havoc.


Backstage Drew says that besides the fact that Bennett is an asshole he got involved out there because Bennett is trying to impose his will on young guys like Mandrews that is the future of the company. Bennett attacks Galloway and Mandrews from behind. Just as Galloway is about to turn the tide on Bennett Maria distracts him and Bennett slams him into a wall. Bennett beats him down and taunts Galloway.

A vignette hypes up the debut of “Odarg The Great” which is someone familiar in a mask.

Backstage Matt Hardy and Tyrus approach Rockstar Spud and Matt says that last week Spud stuck his nose in their business which is why Tyrus knocked him out. Hardy guarantees that it won’t happen again as long as Spud doesn’t stick his nose in their business again. He reminds Spud that EC3 is a bad person and he says that you are only as good as the company you keep.

A vignette hypes up the Angle vs. Lashley match coming up in a few weeks.


TNA World Tag Team Championships
Monsters Ball Match
The Wolves (c) vs. The Decay w/Rosemary

The Decay attempts to attack The Wolves on the floor but they sidestep them and then hit the ring and connect with Stereo Flying Dropkicks through the ropes onto The Decay on the floor! The Wolves toss a bunch of weapons into the ring but then The Decay turns the match around and starts beating The Wolves all around the ring. Steve pulls a table out from under the ring and Abyss pulls out a board wrapped in barbed wire.


Back from the break Eddie slams a chair into Abyss in the corner and then holds it in front of Abyss as Davey comes flying in with a Running Dropkick sending the chair into Abyss! Steve charges at them but The Wolves drop toehold Steve headfirst into the balls of Abyss! The Wolves then play a ladder between Steve’s legs and slam chairs into the ladder sending it right into Steve’s balls and in turn Steve’s head further into Abyss’ balls! The Wolves climb up top but Rosemary spits mist into Davey’s face and then Abyss throws a chair at Abyss’ face knocking him off the top and through a chair at ringside. Abyss pulls out Janice and swings it at Davey but he ducks and Abyss gets it stuck into the top turnbuckle for like the 100th time. Steve charges at Davey but Davey catches him with a T-Bone Suplex into the ladder! Abyss grabs Davey and Chokeslams him! Abyss lays a couple of chairs on top of Davey and then slams a trashcan on top of him. Eddie nails Abyss with a Leaping Enziguri and then climbs up top only for Abyss to crotch him on the top turnbuckle. Abyss climbs up with Eddie and attempts a Superplex onto the chairs but Eddie blocks it by holding onto the turnbuckles. Eddie headbutts Abyss repeatedly and then hits a Sunset Flip Super Bomb off the top sending Abyss into the chairs and trashcans that Abyss had been hitting Davey with. Davey pours a bottle of water into his eyes to wash out the mist and then Eddie lays into Steve with kendo stick shots. Steve low blows Eddie with a pot lid and then hits the ropes only to walk into the Alarm Clock from The Wolves! Davey hits Steve with a chair and then Eddie hits a Ghetto Stomp off the top as Davey held the chair on the back of Steve! Abyss Double Clotheslines The Wolves and pulls out a back full of tacks! Eddie nails Abyss with a Leaping Enziguri and then dropkicks him out of the ring. Eddie goes for a Suicide Dive through the ropes but Abyss catches him in midair! Abyss goes for a Chokeslam into the barbed wire table but Davey dives through the ropes with the Suicide Dive sending Abyss into the barbed wire table! Steve lays Eddie out with a chair and then wedges Eddie’s head in the chair. Steve grabs another chair and goes to decapitate Eddie with it but Rosemary stops him and then pours the tacks out on Eddie’s head! Steve goes to hit Steve with the chair but Eddie manages to move out of the way and then grabs Janice and uses it to knock the chair into Steve’s face! Rosemary goes to mist Eddie but Eddie puts his hand of over Rosemary’s mouth pushes her into Davey who kisses her, sucking the mist out of her mouth and then spitting it into her face! The Wolves hit Chasing The Dragon on Steve onto that still set up chair with tacks on it for the pin!

Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Wolves via pinfall (Chasing The Dragon onto a chair)

Backstage EC3 walks past Spud who stops EC3 and he says that last week he was just trying to do the right thing. Spud says that they have done a lot in their careers and they have a lot of history together, some good and some really bad. EC3 says that Spud looks out for others a little a too much and that is noble but his match tonight is for him and him alone and then walks away.


The Dollhouse (Marti Belle & Jade) w/ Rebel vs. Madison Rayne & Gail Kim

The Dollhouse attacks the babyfaces as they make their entrance. Jade shoves Madison to the floor and then hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto her on the floor! Gail kicks Marti away and then kicks Rebel as she grabs Gail. Gail charges right into a sloppy Samoan Drop from Marti. Marti hits a Rolling Neckbreaker for a nearfall and then tags Jade into the match. Jade hits a series of roundhouse kicks on Gail and follows up with a Spinning Roundhouse for a nearfall. Jade whips Gail into the corner but runs right into an elbow from Gail. Gail then hits a Spinning Headscissors into the Hanging Octopus! Jade manages to escape and then drops Gail into a Facebuster for a nearfall! Marti tags into the match and The Dollhouse whips Gail into the corner. Jade whips Marti into a Forearm Smash on Gail and then Jade hits a Yakuza Kick on Gail. Marti puts the boots to Gail and then tags Jade back into the match. Jade kicks Madison off the apron and goes for the Package Piledriver on Gail but Gail blocks it and hits a huge Lariat! Gail tags Madison into the match and Marti tags in as well. Madison hits a series of Forearm Smashes on Marti and then a Step-Up Enziguri! Madison hits the Rayne Check on Marti for a nearfall before Jade broke up the pin. Rebel attacks Gail on the floor while the referee is distracted by Jade’s interference and then as Rebel holds Gail Jade attempts a Suicide Dive through the ropes, but Gail kicks Rebel away and nails Jade with a Forearm Smash in midair! Madison goes for the Rayne Drop on Marti but Marti counters into a rollup for a nearfall, but Madison reverses it into a rollup for her own for the pin.

Winners: Gail Kim & Madison Rayne via pinfall (rollup)

After the match The Dollhouse attacks Gail and Madison again. Velvet Sky runs out and hits a Stunner on Rebel and then hits a DDT/Stunner combo on Rebel and Marti! Velvet calls them the “Doghouse” and says that she didn’t fly all the way to the UK for The Dollhouse to run away. She says that they have been poking their noses into the wrong places for far too long and suggests a first time ever Knockouts Lethal Lockdown next week!

Backstage Mahabali Shera talks about his tag team partner for tonight, Odarg the Great. Odarg walks up and it is clearly Grado in a mask that is even less obvious than Bullet Bob’s. Odarg says calls Shera “Muhammad Shera.”


Back from commercials EY and Bram are bragging about their brawl with Beer Money saying that they “showed Beer Money” but then Beer Money attacks them again! The fight continues on into what looks like a boiler room or something. Roode throws a chair at Bram and Storm chokes EY with a cable. EY hits both Storm and Roode with a chair. Roode and EY retreat but Roode challenges them to a Cage Match next week.

Mahabali Shera & Odarg The Great vs. Eli Drake & Jessie Godderz

Well, our wonderful streak of several weeks without having to see that stupid Shera Shake has ended. Drake pitches a fit when he sees Odarg the Great. “Odarg coming out to the ring with a fanny pack is like the Midnight Rider coming out to the ring with a cowboy hat and a cowbell,” says The Pope. Drake puts Shera in a side headlock but Shera counters with a drop toehold and then he puts Drake in a wristlock. Drake Forearm Smashes Shera and tags in Jessie. Jessie eats a Scoop Slam and a series of clotheslines form Shera. Shera whips Jessie into the corner and hits a Running Clothesline. Shera hits a Snapmare on Jessie and puts him in a Straight Jacket Choke and forces Jessie to do the Shera Shake. Drake distracts Shera allowing him to attack Shera from behind and hit a Leaping Dropkick. Jessie hits a series of forearms and then a Running Big Boot. Drake tags in and hits a Diving Elbow as Jessie hits a Backbreaker on Shera and holding Shera over his knee as Drake dove. Drake hits a Powerslam on Shera and then an Elbow Drop for a nearfall. Drake goes for a Powerbomb but Shera backdrops Drake and tags Odarg into the match. Odarg hits a series of right hands on Drake and then whips him into the ropes and attempts a backdrop, but Eli blocks it and whips Odarg into the ropes. Odarg ducks a clothesline and hits an Atomic Elbow followed by a series of jabs and an Atomic Drop on Jessie. Odarg hits the Cannonball on Drake in the corner but only gets a two count when Jessie breaks up the pin. Shera hits the Sky High on Jessie and then rolls him to the floor. Drake kicks Odarg and attempts to take his mask off but Odarg pulls his mask off causing Drake to fall back, and Odarg rolls Drake up for the pin! Odarg quickly rolls to the floor and pulls another mask out from under the ring and puts it on.

Winners: Mahabali Shera & Odarg The Great via pinfall (rollup)


Backstage Drake is still ranting about Grado with Jessie laughing at him. Drake wants Grado in a Steel Cage Match. Odarg walks up and accepts the Cage Match with Jessie still laughing hysterically at this whole thing. Drake pitches a fit at his partner laughing at him.

EC3 comes out for the match with Hardy and Tyrus

Main Event
Handicap Match
The #MattHardyBrand (Matt Hardy & Tyrus) vs. Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud

EC3 sidesteps a lockup attempt from Tyrus and then lays into him with rights and lefts. EC3 backs Tyrus into the corner and mounts him with a series of rights. Tyrus kicks EC3 and then whips him into the corner and charges right into a boot from EC3. EC3 charges at Tyrus only to eat a T-Bone Suplex from the big man.


Matt dives off the top with an elbow to the back of EC3 three different times. Matt sets up for the Twist of Fate but then Rockstar Spud comes out distracting Matt. Spud gets in EC3’s corner and asks for a tag. EC3 elbows Matt and then hits a Running Clothesline! EC3 refuses to tag Spud and then turns around and goes for a clothesline only for Matt to counter into a Sleeper. Matt hits a Sleeper Slam for a nearfall. Matt chops EC3 repeatedly and then whips him into the corner and connects with a Running Clothesline. Matt elbows EC3 repeatedly and goes for the Twist, but EC3 shoves him into the ropes and hits a dropkick! EC3 relents and tags in Spud! Spud lays into Matt with a series of rights and lefts and then puts the boots to him. Spud attacks Tyrus as he tries to get in the ring which allows Matt to hit him from behind and then connect with a Reverse Roll of the Dice. Tyrus tags into the match and beats on Spud as Matt holds him. Tyrus hits the Heart Punch and then hits an Elbow Drop on the much smaller Spud. Tyrus does a series of pushups on the back of Spud before capping it off with a Splash. Tyrus whips Spud into the corner and attempts a Splash but Spud moves out of the way and hits the Underdog! Tyrus tags in Matt and EC3 tags in as well! EC3 hits a series of clotheslines and back elbows followed by a Jawbreaker! EC3 hits the Stinger Splash in the corner followed by a Flapjack! EC3 goes for the One Percenter but Tyrus lays him out with a clothesline. Tyrus knocks Spud off the apron and then tries to clothesline EC3 to the floor but EC3 sidesteps him sending Tyrus to the floor. EC3 dives off the top with a Plancha onto Tyrus and Hardy on the floor! Neither one of them did a good job of catching EC3 on that either and EC3 landed hard on that bump. EC3 rolls Matt into the ring but Tyrus hits him with a Jawbreaker onto the top rope. Matt hits the Side Effect for a nearfall. Tyrus goes for the ICU Spike but Spud low blows him as Matt was distracting the referee! Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Spud but then walks into the One Percenter from EC3 for the pin!

Winners: EC3 & Rockstar Spud via pinfall (One Percenter)


1) TNA KOTM Title: Eric Young (c) fought James Storm to a DRAW (EY retains)
2) Mike Bennett def. Mandrews
3) TNA Tag Team Titles Monsters Ball Match: The Wolves (c) def. The Decay to retain the titles!
4) Madison Rayne & Gail Kim def. The Dollhouse
5) Odarg The Great & Mahabali Shera def. Eli Drake & Jessie Godderz
6) Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud def. Tyrus & Matt Hardy

Scheduled for “Lockdown” Next Week:
– Six Side of Steel Cage Match: Odarg The Great vs. Eli Drake
– TNA X-Division Title Six Sides of Steel Cage Match: Trevor Lee (c) vs. Tigre Uno
– Six Sides of Steel Cage Match: Beer Money vs. Bram & Eric Young
– Six Sides of Steel Cage Lethal Lockdown Match: The Dollhouse vs. Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, & Velvet Sky
– TNA World Title Six Sides of Steel Cage Match: Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy (c)

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