2/6 WWE house show results from San Jose, CA

Feb 7, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

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We got there just as the show started and the wait to get into the building wasn’t long and went pretty fast. Inside the arena (SJ Sharktank/HP Pavillion/SAP Center) the bottom half was pretty full. Up top, the fans were pretty sparse and about half the top was tarped off. The entrance took up about a quarter of the building as well, so a guess in attendance would be 4,000ish. (But I could be wrong)

1. AJ Styles in his house show debut defeated The Miz with calf kusher. AJ was loved by the fans, and they were chanting AJ very loud.

2. Enzo/Big Cass defeat The Ascension 

3. Jack Swagger defeat Curtis Axel

At this point they ask some teenage girl who she thought would win at Fast Lane. She said RONAN REIGNS!! and the crowd booed her

4. Lucha Dragons defeat Los Matadores. The Matadores were the heels, using the LDs shirt to wipe the armpits.

Rusev with Lana came out next. She grabbed the mic and ran down the audience. She that they just talked to President Putin, they all thought the NFL was wasting their time holding the SuperBowl in San Jose and it should be held in a real city like Moscow, but if the SuperBowl has to be in the United States, how about a much better place, like San Francisco 

Brock Lesnar”s music hits and bring out The Beast with Paul Heyman to a loud pop. Paul gets a mic and says…. he think nobody can understand Lana because she’s rushin… and her client is rushin…. but tonight the only place they are going to rush is to suplex city. The said that tonight Brock is the United States and he would destroy Rusev.

Bell rings….

5…. A little back and forth followed by 4 suplexes by Leanar, an F5 and 1-2-3. Heyman and Lesnar started to leave, Lana grabs the mic and says… NOOO NOOO I DIDN’T HEAR THE BELL, RUSEV DIDN’T HEAR THE BELL AND BROOOOOck… 

Just then Brock slides into the ring, Lana runs away mid sentence, and he gives Rusev a couple more suplexes before leaving the arena


6… Charlotte defended her Divas Championship against Becky Lynch…. I’m a really good match… lots of we want Sasha chants 

7. Ryberg and Usos defeat New Day

8. In our main event Roman Reigns defeat Alberto Del Rio. 

Not a great show, but a show nonetheless 

Funky Sam Medina

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