1/23 ROH house show results from Duluth, GA (Bullet Club’s curtain call)

Jan 24, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


credit: Christian Norman from Duluth, GA:

Fun show (better than last time they came through Atlanta). A.J. Styles popped up a few times throughout the night so I guess they’ll have to edit him out if they do a DVD like they usually do for Atlanta shows. They combined the three scheduled title defenses into an eight-man tag match with all the titles on the line: Lethal, Strong & War Machine vs. Anderson, Gallows and the Young Bucks. Admittedly, the crowd was dead following a surprisingly boring match between Adam Cole and Stevie Richards. They woke up when Matt Jackson superkicked Lethal’s female valet, which prompted Lethal to superkick Amber Gallows.


Dalton Castle def. Corey Hollis

Fun match that probably went too long. The crowd liked Castle a lot but he played up his antics for a long time.

Cedric Alexander def. Mark Briscoe

Fine match that Mark had fun with. Alexander pinned him after a cool looking move kind of out of no where.

– A.J. Styles started a promo saying since he’s home, he would give us answers, but then ROH Champion Jay Lethal interrupted him. Lethal pointed out that he beat Styles so it is his show. Lethal said Duluth, GA, didn’t deserve a world title match so he wasn’t going to defend tonight. Then Roderick Strong came out and claimed he was the greatest champion and that he also didn’t feel like defending tonight. The Bullet Club then joined in and the ring was getting really crowded. They basically called all the ROH champions pussies. War Machine came down the aisle but didn’t get in the ring. Everybody but A.J. (who kind of disappeared) brawled for a bit and left anticlimactically. Later, we got word that Nigel rearranged the card for the new main event.

– Styles interrupted a local wrestler’s promo and hit him with a Styles Clash for a cheap pop.

All Night Express def. MooseBurger

Hometown crowd loved Moose and appreciated Cheeseburger. ANX got the pin on Cheeseburger in an okay match.

Matt Sydal & Chris Sabin & ACH def. Michael Elgin & reDRagon

Really good match that had the crowd into it. Elgin did some impressive strength spots. The best was a vertical suplex where both Sydal’s partners at different times kicked Elgin in the stomach and he almost put Sydal down but muscled him back up. Then reDRagon tried to get him to finish the move but he wouldn’t, so they eventually pushed him over themselves to end it. I was surprised that Elgin got pinned in this one but it came after all three of his opponents hit their finishers. Sydal hit the shooting star and pinned Elgin.

Amber Gallows def. Veda Scott

Crowd was still coming back from concession break so not a lot of heat. Scott was working as a babyface which didn’t make much sense either. Gallows won with her feet on the ropes. Not bad but the crowd wasn’t feeling it.

Jay Briscoe won a six man scramble pinning Will Ferrara

A lot of moves and chaos as expected, but the end was underwhelming. After the match, Briscoe tried to give Ferrara a compliment but BJ Whitmer interrupted. He tried to get the Briscoes to join him in teaching the young wrestlers their place. Jay flicked him off instead of shaking his hand and Adam Page attacked Whitmer. Steve Corino threw Whitmer back in when he tried to escape and he got beat up more. Jay shook Page’s hand. Then Jay took a fan’s sign that read “Someone Please Hit BJ with My Sign” and Page broke it over BJ’s head to a big pop.

Adam Cole def, Stevie Richards

Stevie looks to be in fantastic shape! However, both guys also looked nearly identical because they were wearing such similar gear. This match wasn’t bad, but the crowd really died during it. I can’t pinpoint why but the energy just fell during this one.

ROH Champions (World Champion Jay Lethal, Tag Champions War Machine, TV Champion Roderick Strong def. Bullet Club (Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Young Bucks)

Best match of the night with a lot of action. Not much in terms of ring psychology though. You knew the BC wasn’t walking out with the titles but they still shined here. War Machine took out Anderson for the win. After the match, A.J. rejoined them for a group hug “Curtain Call” style. The crowd chanted “Thank you AJ!” Then Doc took the mic and directed people to the merchandise stand and the show ended.

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