Daniel Bryan undergoes more concussion testing

Jan 21, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Daniel Bryan underwent a series of concussion tests at the University of California (UCLA) and he passed all of them. That is the good news for the former WWE World Heavyweight champion however the bad news, and the one that really matters the most, is that WWE’s head doctor, Dr. Maroon, has not given Bryan the green light to return. Daniel Bryan has not wrestled since April 14, 2015, after he suffered a concussion during a Smackdown taping in the United Kingdom in a match against Sheamus. Bryan was pulled from the tour and put on out of action due to a long history of concussions he had received. Bryan has now been cleared after two separate tests performed months apart but WWE is still reluctant in clearing him to return to the ring. Bryan has stated in the past that should he leave WWE, he would return to the indies and perform there. There were several reports that WWE offered Bryan a commentary job on Smackdown and even a coaching role at NXT, two offers that Bryan turned down since his ultimate goal is to return to action.

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