1/21 WWE Smackdown Recap

Jan 21, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Smackdown 2016

WWE Smackdown Results
January 21, 2016
Dayton, Ohio
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

Smackdown opens with the entrance of Chris Jericho in Dayton.

We hear from Mauro Ranallo, Byron Saxton and Jerry “The King” Lawler at ringside. They discuss the Royal Rumble PPV this Sunday featuring a 30 Man Royal Rumble match with Roman Reign’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

We head back to the ring where Jericho is inside with a mic in hand. A loud “Y2J” chant breaks out. “Welcome to Thursday Night Jericho.” Jericho talks about returning to Smackdown for the first time in 14 long months. He plugs the biggest Royal Rumble in the history of WWE this Sunday as the winner will walk out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He said when Y2J returns “big things happen” and talked about the “biggest Highlight Reel in WWE history” on Monday night. He orders the monkeys to roll the clip.

We see highlights of the Highlight Reel on Monday night featuring Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. Roman Reigns interrupts the show leveling Lensar with a spear. The League of Nations got involved until Lesnar cleared house on everyone until Reigns takes him out with another spear. The Wyatt Family then showed up surrounding Reigns inside the ring and take him out to send a message before the Royal Rumble.

Jericho is back and talks himself up as the savior of WWE and promises to win the Royal Rumble match this Sunday. Big E interrupts Jericho as The New Day heads out on the ramp. Big E disagrees with Jericho calling himself a savior. Kofi Kingston said someone should make a documentary about Jericho. Xavier Woods said it would be call Making a Brass Murderer. They start up a “SHAME” chant at Jericho. Woods says Jericho is cold as ice and “cold blooded.” They want a moment of silence for the trombone. Jericho calls them stupid and jackasses. He tries to start up his “Rooty, Tooty, Booty” chant and gets the crowd in Dayton to chant along. The New Day are not fans as they get inside the ring. Jericho said he’d love to fight them, but brings up they already have a scheduled six man tag team match. The Usos and Dolph Ziggler (painted up like The Usos) are out next.

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Dolph Ziggler & The Usos vs. The New Day

A graphic hits the screen plugging that The New Day defends the WWE Tag Team Championships against The Usos this Sunday at the Royal Rumble PPV.

We start with Jimmy Uso and Kofi Kingston. Kofi drops Jimmy down quickly. Jimmy with chops. Jimmy with a quick right hand and tags in Jey Uso. The Usos drop double elbows over Kofi. Tag to Xavier Woods who eats an arm drag from Jey. Jey with a scoop slam on Woods. Dolph Ziggler gets the tag getting in a quick dropkick on Woods. Ziggler with a neckbreaker on Woods and then mocks New Day dancing dropping an elbow over Woods. Woods pushes Ziggler to the corner and tags in Big E. Big E with a belly to belly suplex on Ziggler and starts dancing over Ziggler. Big E hits the ropes and splashes over Ziggler for a two count. Tag to Kofi who drops a quick stomp over Ziggler. Kofi drops Ziggler with a dropkick with Kofi yelling that’s how you do a dropkick. Tag to Woods who gets in a dropkick of his own on Ziggler. Quick tag back to Kofi who goes for a cover resulting in a two count. Kofi with a knee and tosses Ziggler to the corner getting in tons of body shots. Kofi off the top rope after Ziggler ducked under him. Ziggler catches Kofi with a dropkick on the way down in mid air! Tag to Jimmy. Jimmy with a jumping shoulder block, splash in the corner and a dropkick in the other corner. Jimmy with a corner splash to the head of Kofi and drops Woods with a lariat on the ring apron. Uppercut to Kofi and Big E hip tosses Jimmy over the top rope to the outside.

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We return with Big E applying an abdominal stretch to Jimmy. We see during the break that Big E picked up and drove Jimmy into the ring barricade. Big E leads a New Day chant slapping the butt of Jimmy. Big E with stomps to Jimmy in the corner. We get a series of tags and stops between Big E, Kofi and Woods. Kofi launches Woods into Jimmy with a low dropkick. New Day starts dancing in celebration. Woods with a right to Jimmy and plants Jimmy face first into the ring. Ziggler is yelling for a tag in the corner. Jimmy with a sunset flip on Woods. Woods tags in Big E. Woods rolls through. Big E drops Jimmy with a clothesline. Big E knocks Jey off the corner, lifts up Jimmy and puts him in the corner. Jimmy fights off with right hands. Jimmy with a moonsault off the corner catching Big E. Tag to Woods and hot tag to Ziggler. Ziggler with clotheslines to Woods, splash and neckbreaker. Ziggler drops a big elbow over Woods and connects with the Fameasser. Ziggler takes out Kofi in the corner. Woods launches Ziggler over the top rope and Ziggler catches the ring steps. Jey with a cross body on Woods and follows with a stiff uppercut. Woods counters a back suplex and Jey dropkicks him into the corner. Woods avoids a splash and eats a samoan drop. Jimmy with a superkick that levels Big E. Jimmy with a roundhouse kick on Kofi. Jimmy leaps over the top rope taking out New Day. Woods is back in with Jey hitting uppercuts. Ziggler tags himself in. Triple superkick on Woods. Jimmy covers Woods for the win.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & The Usos

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We take a look at the numbers for the 30 Man Royal Rumble match this Sunday.

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We return with WWE Divas Champion Charlotte and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair joining Ranallo, Saxton and Lawler at ringside. Footage is shown from Monday night on RAW with Flair accepting a championship match at the Royal Rumble on behalf his daughter.

Becky Lynch vs. Alicia Fox w/ Brie Bella

Lock up and Fox quickly dumps Lynch. Fox with a knee. Lynch trips up Fox with a drop toe hold and drops a quick leg. Lynch continues dropping legs and Fox quickly bails to regain her composure at ringside. Fox with a kick and northern lights suplex to Lynch on the floor. Fox tosses Lynch back in and works her over in the corner. Lynch with a roll up and Fox quickly kicks out. Lynch with clotheslines to Fox. Lynch with a forearm and jumping kick to Fox. Lynch with an overhead suplex on Fox for a two count. Fox with a kick to Lynch from the corner. Lynch powers Fox down. Lynch applies an armbar. Fox taps out.

Winner: Becky Lynch

After the match, Becky Lynch points at Charlotte. Ric Flair wants Saxton to point out that Lynch is simply a challenger and that Charlotte is the true champion.

Up next, MizTV with WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens.

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MizTV featuring Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens

Miz welcomes us to the show and plugs the Last Man Standing match this Sunday at the Royal Rumble with Dean Ambrose defending the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Kevin Owens. Miz plugs the stipulation of a Last Man Standing match when Ambrose’s music hits to cut him off.

Ambrose heads to the ring with the WWE Intercontinental Championship in hand. Ambrose said a Last Man Standing match is very serious business. Miz informs him this is his TV show and says when his arm goes up his mouth shuts. Ambrose said when his fist hits Miz’s face, Miz’s mouth goes shut. Miz asks Ambrose if he thinks he can do this better. The crowd in Dayton agrees. Miz said he’s tired of being disrespected and tells everyone to enjoy Dean TV. Miz takes a seat in the corner. The crowd starts up a loud “YES” chant. Ambrose compares a Last Man Standing match to an amusement park and that he will take Kevin Owens on all kinds of rides. Ambrose said he plans to snap Owens’ back off the ring. He says Owens looks like a bear and he plans to use a “bear trap” aka the steel ringside steps to trap him. Ambrose then moves over to his favorite place: memory lane aka the announce table. He promises to put Owens through a table and says he will be the last man standing. Kevin Owens’ music hits to cut off Ambrose.

Owens walks out on the stage with a mic in hand. He said it looks like Ambrose put a lot of thought into this whole amusement park thing, but he’s more of a zoo enthusiast himself. Owens said Ambrose might be insane, but he’s obsessed with the WWE Intercontinental Championship. He said he will stop at nothing to get it back on Sunday night. Owens said Ambrose’s insanity might have taken him far, but that comes to an end as he plans to stand over an unconscious Ambrose as the new Intercontinental Champion. Ambrose said they don’t have to wait. Miz then attacks Ambrose from behind and gets in a running kick to the head. Miz calls Owens to come down the ramp and get inside the ring. Miz continues to kick away at Ambrose. Owens then kicks Miz, sends him into the ropes and gives him a Pop Up Powerbomb. Owens grabs Ambrose, tosses him into the ropes and Ambrose explodes off the ropes attacking Owens. Ambrose attempts Dirty Deeds on Owens and Owens counters bailing out of the ring. Ambrose grabs Miz and this time connects with Dirty Deeds. He points at Owens and counts to 10 saying it will be all over on Sunday night.

Later tonight, Roman Reigns takes on the entire League of Nations.

We go backstage to The Wyatt Family. “Smackdown…we’re here.”

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We are back as we see Ryback entering the ring.

Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt w/ The Wyatt Family

Lock up and Bray Wyatt quickly pushes Ryback away. Ryback starts a “FEED ME MORE” chant. Ryback with a right, hits the ropes and takes out Wyatt with a quick cross body. Ryback with rights, shoulder block and Wyatt fires back with a right uppercut. Ryback with a Thesz Press and bounces Wyatt’s head off the mat. Wyatt rolls out of the ring and we see The Wyatt Family start to approach closer at ringside. Wyatt drops Ryback off the side.

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Wyatt with a corner splash on Ryback. Wyatt stands up taunting the audience as Ryback lifts up Wyatt and drops him down in a powerbomb. Ryback with a high knee to Wyatt in the corner, follows with a superkick on Wyatt and then connects with a body splash! Ryback goes up top, jumps and misses a frog splash attempt. Wyatt plants Ryback with a Rock Bottom and then splashes over the body of Ryback for a close two count. Wyatt stomps over Ryback and leans back in the corner. Ryback with a spinebuster on Wyatt when Wyatt charges in. Ryback charges in and connects with his running clothesline. Ryback has Wyatt up for Shell Shocked when The Wyatt Family starts jumping up on the steel steps. Wyatt counters off and pushes Ryback out of the ring. Strowman sends Ryback into the steel ring steps as Luke Harper and Erick Rowan distract the referee. Strowman tosses Ryback back inside. Wyatt with Sister Abigail on Ryback, hooks the leg and gets the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

The Wyatt Family enters the ring and they all stand over a downed Ryback.

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We return with Stardust already inside the ring. Titus O’Neil is out next.

Stardust vs. Titus O’Neil

Before the match, Titus talks about the Royal Rumble in a pretape.

The bell rings and Stardust bails immediately. Titus grabs Stardust and launches him to the corner getting in chops. Titus with more shots to Stardust in the other corner. Stardust bails again, Titus follows and Stardust drives Titus back first into the steel ring post. Stardust jumps back in the ring and joins in on the count with the referee. Stardust with a big knee to Titus when he tries getting back in. Stardust then drives Titus into the ring barricade. Stardust with forearm shots to the back of Titus, tosses him back in and goes for a cover resulting in a one count. Stardust keeps Titus grounded. Titus with an elbow to break it up and catches Stardust with a shoulder tackle. Titus with a right, shoulder tackle, clothesline and eats a kick from Stardust. Titus with a big boot to the face of Stardust. Titus splashes Stardust in the corner. Stardust counters with a DDT. Stardust goes up top and Titus crotches him. Titus with the Clash of the Titus on Stardust off the top for the win.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

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Backstage, Renee Young is with Kalisto. Young talks about his rematch with Alberto Del Rio for the WWE United States Championship at the Royal Rumble. Kalisto talks about how much Del Rio has accomplished in Mexico. He said Del Rio might be bigger and stronger, but he’s been David his entire life and he’s used to fighting goliath. Kalisto said he will beat Del Rio one more time. Del Rio walks up and says Kalisto’s wins over him were nothing but a fluke. The rest of the League of Nations walks up and they attack Kalisto. Sheamus finishes him off with a Brogue Kick.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns is on his way to the ring. Reigns grabs a mic and talks about Vince McMahon giving him the No. 1 spot in the Royal Rumble on Monday night. He sarcastically says he didn’t see that one coming. Reigns talks about McMahon trying to stack the odds against him. He said he will walk in as champ and walk out as champ. Reigns said it is 1 vs. 29 on Sunday and tonight is 1 vs. 4 and he likes his chances for both.

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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns vs. The League of Nations (Sheamus, Rusev, Alberto Del Rio & King Barrett)

The bell rings and we start with Sheamus and Reigns. Lock up and Reigns quickly pushes Sheamus away. Sheamus front face locks Reigns and Reigns pushes off again. Tag to Rusev. Reigns with a headlock, hits the ropes and catches Rusev with a shoulder block. Reigns pulls the top rope down and sends Rusev over. Reigns sends Rusev into the barricade. Back in the ring, Reigns pushes Rusev to the corner. Sheamus is in and is dropped by Reigns. Rusev splashes Reigns in the other corner, hits the ropes and connects with another corner splash. Rusev with a fallaway slam on Reigns. Tag to Sheamus who lands a quick uppercut to Reigns. Sheamus with a suplex, cover and Reigns kicks out quickly. Tag to Rusev who connects with a kick and stomps to the body of Reigns. Rusev applies pressure to the head of Reigns. Rusev distracts the referee allowing Del Rio to get in a cheap shot. Tag back to Sheamus who lands a kick to the head of Reigns and more stomps. Sheamus keeps Reigns grounded. Sheamus with a forearm splash to Reigns in the corner. Reigns explodes with a big clothesline. Both men are down as the referee starts the count. The referee gets to 7 as both fight up. Tag to Rusev. Reigns side steps and clotheslines Rusev repeatedly. Reigns with repeated corner clotheslines to Rusev. Reigns with a jumping clothesline off the ropes on Rusev. Barrett and Del Rio trip of Reigns in the corner. Sheamus jumps in and goes on the attack as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Roman Reigns

After the match, the League of Nations lift up Roman Reigns setting up a superkick by Rusev that drops Reigns. Rusev stomps over the back of Reigns when The Usos hit the ring. The Usos go after Sheamus and Rusev. Sheamus and Rusev get the upper advantage with help from Barrett and Del Rio. Superkick and Brogue Kick from both Sheamus and Rusev on the Usos. Superman Punch on Rusev by Reigns. Spear on Sheamus. The Wyatt Family sounder hits as the arena goes black. When the lights come back on, The Wyatt Family is surrounding the ring. Bray Wyatt is smiling. Reigns starts attacking The Wyatt’s dumping out Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Braun Strowman is in staring down Reigns. Reigns with rights to Strowman. Strowman grabs Reigns and easily launches him over the top rope. Harper and Rowan with shots on Reigns on the outside. They toss Reigns back in. Strowman lifts Reigns up on his shoulder and drops him back down. Bray Wyatt holds up his arms telling Strowman and Rowan to pick up Reigns. Wyatt with Sister Abigail on Reigns. He stands over Reigns and yells, “Follow…the buzzards.”


Quick Match Results

* Dolph Ziggler & The Usos def. The New Day
* Becky Lynch def. Alicia Fox
* Bray Wyatt def. Ryback
* Titus O’Neil def. Stardust
* Roman Reigns def. The League of Nations via DQ

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