Revivew of Raven’s ‘Restler Rescue DVD‏

Jan 19, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

by Alan Wojcick

Review of Raven’s ‘Restler Rescue

When you look at the creation of great and legendary wrestling characters, many people regard Scott Levy AKA RAVEN as a bonafide genius. From the Dudleys to Steve Richards and the Blue World Order, Raven’s influence is felt to this day. So KAYFABE COMMENTARIES decided to join with Raven to take a independent wrestling star or tag team and have them agree to a complete character/gimmick makeover. Hence why the project is called RAVEN’S ‘RESTLER RESCUE.

The subjects of the inaugural edition (which is 90 minutes long) are a tag team called La Costa Nostra who work for Pro Wrestling Syndicate in New Jersey, Valerio Delamorte & Nick Rodriguez. Raven selected them because he feels two Latin guys playing Italian mob-types is horrible. Both have less than three years in the business but he sees potential in the duo. Raven feels that they need a complete overhaul into a comedy act called The Merrymen in Tights, Adam & Steve. We get to see the boys go through the initial shock of the new ring gear and we get a wrestling lesson from a great mind. Specifically what goes on in a promotional creative “think tank” including character building/development/backstory plus learning to cut the proper promo for the new character. The Merrymen in Tights end up being part of a three team bout on the PWS show with Raven doing a commentary track. I won’t give away what the overall product looks like but it is interesting.

I have no idea how Mr. Levy is not part of WWE or TNA’s main creative unit, he has a brilliant mind for the business and dealing with young talent. To see the PWS stars collide with Global Force Wrestling on January 23rd in Rahway, NJ, check out

Next to be released by is Timeline: History of WWE 1998 with Vince Russo (Feb 2) & YouShoot with RVD (Feb 23) plus Back to the Territories with Greg Gagne & Timeline WCW with Kevin Nash. Since 2001, Alan Wojcik has covered wrestling from the national to the regional level. Check out @MyNameIsWojcik on Twitter and

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