Sunny’s hall of fame ring surpasses the $5,000 mark

Jan 18, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

– With six days left in the bidding for Sunny’s WWE Hall of Fame ring, the auction stands at $5,100 after the bidding started at $999.99 on January 13. The former WWE Diva is selling the 2011 HOF ring to “let go of the past” and joins others such as Superstar Billy Graham, Abdullah The Butcher, and the family of Paul Bearer in selling the prized possession. “After enjoying my Hall of Fame ring for the past almost 5 years, I think it’s time for someone else to enjoy and cherish it, as have I. It’s time to let go of the past, and embrace my future, and selling my ring is the right way to get on track,” the description says. There have been 23 bids so far and if you’re interested you can go to to place your own bid.

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