1/17 WWE house show results from Canton, OH

Jan 18, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit Chris Finney and Pwinsider

The ring announcer started the show by announcing that Roman Reigns would not be appearing tonight, though he was advertised to wrestle Sheamus. She was barely able to mention that you could get a full refund for the next 20 minutes when Kevin Owens interrupted and told us that we didn’t Roman Reigns because he was here. Dean Ambrose then ran him off.

1. The Wyatt Family (minus Bray Wyatt) defeated The Dudley Boys and Tommy Dreamer in a Tables Match when Harper and Rowan put Dreamer through a table.

2. Neville defeated the Miz with the Red Arrow.

3. Becky Lynch defeated Tamina with a Rollup. Natalya then made an appearance to run off Naomi.

4. R-Truth defeated Stardust.

5. Alberto del Rio defeated Kalisto by using the ropes for leverage in the pin.

6. The Social Outcasts defeated the Ascension and the Matadors when Heath Slater pinned one of the Matadors.

7. Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger with the Brogue Kick.

8. Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens with Dirty Deeds.

As an aside, the guy sitting in front of us purchased his very own Money in the Bank Briefcase. He then made his way to the ringside area during intermission looking for Roman Reigns, who wasn’t there. We could hear him talking loudly to the security guards. He then challenged every person he passed who was carrying a replica belt. Amusing and sad at the same time.

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