Heating problem delay first NXT show in Chicago

Jan 16, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo


– Today’s first NXT show in Chicago had a bit of an issue as fans were made to wait longer outside as there was a problem with the Portage Theater. The heating inside the venue was not functioning and officials did not open the doors for fans to get in, leaving the line to stretch for three blocks. To make up for the delay, WWE sent out NXT champion Finn Balor to greet and talk to the crowd who had to wait in 30 degrees Fahrenheit weather. “Delay beyond our control but trust me….the wait will be worth it,” tweeted Triple H. Balor also apologized to the fans and then walked through the line, giving everyone the “Too Sweet” hand gesture. Eventually everyone managed to get in the freezing building and the show kicked off with Enzo and Cass vs Dash and Dawson. You can see the video of Balor addressing the crowd here

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