1/16 WWE house show results from New Delhi, India

Jan 16, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

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There were about 12,500+ fans in attendance.

* Kane defeated The Big Show. Big Show dominated the early part of the match and Big Show chokeslammed Kane and went for a cover, but Kane kicked out. Kane hit Big Show with a chokeslam off the top ropes and went for the cover to win the match. The crowd went wild after seeing such a big chokeslam.

* Kishan Raftar (Lovepreet Singh) defeated Chad Gable via disqualification after Jason Jordan attacked Raftar. Jeet Rama came out to rescue Kishan and a tag match was made.

* Kishan Raftar & Jeet Rama defeated Chad Gable & Jason Jordan. The Indian rookies dominated the match and won via submission.

* Charlotte defeated Summer Rae to retain the Divas Championship .

* Ryback defeated Bray Wyatt. Bray dominated the early part of the match. There were “this is awesome” chants from the crowd during the match. Ryback hit a shellshock to Bray Wyatt to get the victory.

*Darren Young defeated Tyler Breeze. Tyler says that he wasn’t ready for the match and asks for another opponent.

* Titus O’Neil accepted Breeze’s challenge of Breeze and defeated him .

* The Usos & Dolph Ziggler defeated The New Day. The Usos and Ziggler gave three superkicks to Woods and covered him to get the victory.

* In the main event, WWE Champion Roman Reigns defeated Rusev. Before the match even started, there were “Roman Reigns” chants from the crowd . Rusev faked a leg injury and ended up attacking Roman from behind. Rusev and Roman double clotheslined each other and are on the floor. The was counting them both out, but they both got back to their feet at the count of 9. Reigns hit Rusev with a Superman Punch and went for the pin, but the referee was down. Later, Reigns hits Rusev with another Superman Punch followed by a Spear to get the victory.

Notes from the show:

* Before the show started there were “Cena Sucks” chants in the crowd . Later some people started chanting “We Want Cena” and few others started chanting Cena Sucks. Then the first match kicked off.

* The crowd went wild when Roman entered the ring. Roman got a huge pop when he scored the victory.

* The crowd chanted “Thank You WWE!” for coming back to India after 13 years .

* The crowd was very electric. It was a noisy crowd compared to last night’s event.

* Even heels like Bray Wyatt got a huge pop from the crowd.

Credit: Tejaswi Guttina and WrestlingInc.com

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