Development in concussion lawsuit pending against World Wrestling Entertainment

Jan 15, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

A major development in one of the concussion-related lawsuits filed against WWE unveiled earlier today. Back on October 30th, World Wrestling Entertainment had requested a stay on discovery (document production). The request was granted on November 10th. Judge Vanessa Bryant lifted the stay, granting limited discovery…

Vito Lo Grasso commented on Facebook:

Today is a day to feel proud. A year ago I took a stand , today it paid off not for me, but for all in an industry. I am relieved and grateful. A man has his word. Integrity comes when you sacrifice your beliefs for no one. I am proud. You will hear about it soon enough. Thank you to all who stood behind me. To those who spoke I’ll, please stay away from me and next time if you don’t know, don’t comment.

Here’s the full text of the judge’s order (I did not touch the actual text, but I did adjust the line spacing to make it more readable):


The parties are Ordered to proceed with discovery as to the claims of Singleton and LoGrasso only until further order of the Court. Discovery is to be bifurcated, with an initial liability phase extending no later than June 1, 2016. During this initial liability phase, discovery should be limited to facts relevant to the question of

(1) whether WWE had or should have had knowledge of and owed a duty to disclose to those plaintiffs the risks of long -term degenerative neurological conditions resulting from concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries to wrestlers who performed for WWE in the year 2005 or later,

(2) whether and when WWE may have breached that duty, and

(3) whether such a breach, if any, continued after Singleton and LoGrasso ceased performing for WWE.

Dispositive Motions, if any, on the issue of liability are to be filed by August 1, 2016. A decision on the merits of the pending Motions to Dismiss is in progress, and the parties should expect that the scope of discovery may be adjusted based on the outcome of that decision. The parties are further Ordered to read and comply with Chambers Practices regarding discovery disputes during the pendency of this action.

Signed by Judge Vanessa L. Bryant on 1/15/16. (Shechter, N.)

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