1/14 WWE Smackdown Recap (Sheamus & Kevin Owens vs. Neville & Dean Ambrose)

Jan 15, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Smackdown 2016

WWE Smackdown Results
January 14, 2016
Lafayette, Louisiana
Report by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

The usual intro brings us to the packed crowd in the Cajundome for another exciting edition of SmackDown as commentary hypes up the triple main event for tonight: a tables match as the Dudley Boyz take on Luke Harper and Eric Rowan of the Wyatt Familly; Kalisto defends his United States Championship in a rematch against Alberto Del Rio; and Neville and Dean Ambrose team up against Sheamus and Kevin Owens. Outside the Cajundome, Renee Young is waiting for Dean Ambrose when suddenly he comes barreling in on a pickup truck, which pulls away as he walks down. Renee tries to get a word, but Dean says he’s going to the ring and suggests Kevin joins him. At ringside, Dean makes his way down to the ring as we go back to last week on SmackDown, where Ambrose and Owens were more content with destroying each other outside the ring than with winning the match. Then on Monday, as Ambrose as going to work on Sheamus, Kevin Owens gets the upper hand. Back in the ring, Ambrose says to call your friends, put the kids to bed and pop the champagne, because Dean Ambrose has an announcement. Drum roll, please…wait, no, cut. Something’s missing, what could it be…oh right, Kevin Owens. I need him down here right now, so come on! We wait, only for nothing to happen. Dean figured that was a long shot, but he is announcing that he challenging Kevin to a Last Man Standing match at the Royal Rumble! Why don’t you try to do what no one else can, and keep me down? Sheamus comes out with a mic, realizing he’s not Kevin Owens (Kevin is more than than I am). He berates Dean, saying he’s like a little kid and starting to annoy him. Watching him come in and living in his fantasy world, but this is reality. Dean Ambrose says Sheamus formed a League of Nations Treehouse Friendship Club, and I live in a fantasy? Sheamus doesn’t have time for jokes, because his friend Roman Reigns stole the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! Because of him, I have to compete with 29 other Superstars in the Royal Rumble Match. With this mark on my head, I feel I should repay…I’m not planning to wait for a tag team match tonight, I’m going to embarrass you in front of everyone and leave a mark on your face that’ll last forever! Dean offers to help Sheamus out with a little physical therapy, so here’s how this works: I beat on you until you cry! Sheamus comes down the ramp when Kevin Owens finally makes his way down the ramp with a mic of his own. Kevin heard Dean’s little challenge, but he’s not out here because the man with the sun brighter than the sun and several holes in his face Sheamus is out here first, and now it’s the two of us against just one of you…I’m out here to tell you that you are not only not walking out of the Royal Rumble PPV with the Intercontinental Championship, you are not walking out period. Dean, consider your challenge accepted…but that’s at the Royal Rumble. As far as tonight goes…both men drop their mics and Sheamus runs into the ring beating up on Ambrose as Neville comes out to even the odds! Sheamus clears out of the ring as Owens is taunting Dean and Neville from the ramp, starting to walk down before Sheamus stops him. They regroup up the ramp as commentary hypes up the first of our triple main event: the Tables match between the Dudley Boyz and Luke Harper and Eric Rowan. That match is next!


Back from commercial, the Dudley Boyz make their way to the ring looking ready for war with the Wyatts, who appear right behind the Dudleys as the ref calls for the match to start!

Tag Team Tables Match
The Dudley Boyz vs. Luke Harper & Eric Rowan

The Wyatts start things off by beating down the former Tag Team Champions, as Braun Strowman watches from ringside. Harper sends a forearm right into the back of Bubba Ray, prompting Rowan to hold him down in the corner before launching him right into the Bubba…who sends Rowan up over the ropes! Whip to the ropes and a back body drop by Bubba Ray, who sets Harper up for the diving headbutt by D’Von! The Dudleys bring a table into the ring, but D’Von eats a superkick by Harper as Rowan lands a spinning heel kick on Bubba Ray before we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, the Wyatt Family is still in control as they attack D’Von in the corner, lifting him up for a double suplex…but Bubba Ray moves the table out of the way! The Dudleys hit a double back drop as D’Von chases Harper outside, climbing up the ropes until Strowman intervenes as Rowan knocks D’Von out! A kendo stick comes into play now as Bubba Ray ends up with it, sending Rowan out of the ring and dodging a charge by Strowman. As he leaves the ring to deal with Rowan, D’Von and Harper are up on the top rope as Bubba sends Rowan right into the steel steps! D’Von and Harper are still battling in the corner when Bubba comes over, shoving Harper right through the table on the outside!

Winners via table destruction: The Dudley Boyz

The Dudleys celebrate as we get a replay of the finish. Suddenly, Strowman runs into the ring knocking both Dudleys down before leaving the ring to regroup. Harper still directing traffic as he destroys the announce table, the other Wyatts setting up tables in the corners of the ring. Strowman sends D’Von through one table followed by the other in the ring, as Harper beats up on Bubba. Bubba fights back, but to no avail as Harper and Rowan deliver a double chokeslam from the announce table through two tables in front of it! We hear Bray Wyatt from the PA saying “Follow the Buzzards” before laughing. Commentary take us back to RAW on Monday night, when Kalisto did the seemingly unthinkable and defeated Alberto Del Rio for the United States Championship! Backstage, JoJo is with the new US Champ Kalisto. Kalisto says it feels very surreal because when he was training to become a WWE Superstar, he lost hope. He lost hope because there was no way a little guy like him could be in the land of the giants. Then he saw the success of Eddie Guerrero and in 2006, when Rey Mysterio won the Royal Rumble and became World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania! It gave him hope, and now he is the United States Champion! He walks away as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, the Social Outcasts make their way to the ring sporting new t-shirts as their opponents await in the ring as we kick off this match!

Eight Man Tag Match
The Social Outcasts (Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas & Adam Rose) vs. Goldust, Damien Sandow, Jack Swagger & Zack Ryder

Match starts with Sandow and Slater, who is sent to the ropes by Sandow before he rolls out of the ring. Dallas encourages Slater to take a victory lap around the ring. All the Outcasts start to do this, until they’re stopped by the other team. Dallas tells them to go the other way, but Sandow catches Slater and throws him into the ring before tagging in Goldust, who hits an inverted Atomic Drop on the One Man Band and a slap to the face before taking him to the corner. Axel distracts, allowing Slater to get a kick in before tagging in the third generation Superstar. Axel hits a drop toe hold tagging in Adam Rose, who gets the drop on Goldust and a cover for a nearfall. Rose mocks Goldust, who answers with a bodyslam! Both men are down as Rose gets the tag, as does Goldust. Swagger and Dallas in the ring now, and Swagger is getting the upper hand as he leads the crowd in yelling “We the People!” Swagger going for the Swagger Bomb, but Dallas blocks…but Swagger gets Dallas in the Patriot Lock! Axel attacks Swagger, as Ryder gets a blind tag in while Axel falls out of the ring! Ryder with a dropkick on Dallas, and runs wild on all the Outcasts before hitting the Broski Boot on Dallas for a nearfall! Ryder has Dallas up, and Dallas evades Ryder, accidentally knocking down Slater while hitting a Bo-Dog on Ryder for the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Social Outcasts

They celebrate on the ramp as commentary talks about John Cena’s surgery and road to recovery before hyping up a recap of Roman Reigns facing potentially the entire WWE roster. We’ll see more on that when we come back!


Back from commercial, we see a tweet from Drew Brees before commentary talks about Monday night, where Roman Reigns looked to be “One Versus All”: Roman Reigns faced just about anyone from the upcoming Royal Rumble match, starting with Kevin Owens. Reigns is distracted by Sheamus, but ultimately defeats Owens and several others before McMahon sends all of them in to beat down on the champ. Suddenly, Brock Lesnar appears and lays waste to everyone in the ring, not least of which the World Heavyweight Champion who takes an F5 from the Beast Incarnate! Commentary hypes up the Royal Rumble Match, this year’s 30 Man match being for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! Backstage, Renee Young is with the former United States Champion, Alberto Del Rio. ADR doesn’t care who the WWE Universe cheers for. Tonight, I will bring them back to reality when I crush the head of that little mosquito and take back what’s mine: the United States Championship! He walks off as we go back to the ring, where Kalisto makes his way to the ring to defend his title in a rematch up next!


Back from commercial, ADR makes his way to the ring for this big rematch from Monday night! Eden Stiles does ring introductions for both challenger and champion before the match gets underway!

WWE United States Championship
Kalisto (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

The bell rings and ADR charges right at Kalisto, punching away at the champ and hitting a dropkick for a nearfall! He hits a back suplex for another nearfall before setting him in the corner, punching away and slamming Kalisto down hard on the mat! Up on the corner now, ADR is trying to rip off the mask of Kalisto, who pushes him away before hitting a missile dropkick for a nearfall! ADR hits Kalisto with a clothesline, getting a nearfall before climbing to the top taunting the crowd. ADR crashes down on the champ, getting another nearfall before throwing him by the mask into the corner. Kalisto blocks ADR, driving him headfirst into the steel ring post. Kalisto gets caught on the top, as ADR hits a double knee on the arm of Kalisto before getting a nearfall. Kalisto rolls out of the ring, but ADR grabs his arm and slams it repeatedly on the steel steps before throwing him back in the ring for another nearfall. ADR now wearing down the arm of the champ, locking in a hammerlock as Kalisto powers out of it with several kicks and going against the ropes…running right into a tilt-a-whirl by ADR who gets a nearfall before driving Kalisto into the corner. ADR nails him with a right hand, but Kalisto turns things around with a kick to the face and a cross body followed by a flying headscissors! He charges at ADR, but runs into the corner instead and falls out of the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, ADR is still into control as he mocks the champion. He gets Kalisto set up in the tree of woe as King Barrett shows up at ringside. ADR climbs up to the top, but Kalisto responds with a headscissors takeover bringing ADR down hard. He dodges ADR and hits a seated senton, but ADR dodges the corkscrew block before hitting a superkick for a nearfall. ADR looking for the cross arm breaker, but Kalisto hits a hurricanrana for a nearfall. Corkscrew connects and Kalisto plants ADR with the spike rana for another nearfall. Both men down, but ADR is back up and twists the arm of Kalisto. ADR taunts Kalisto, slapping him in the face. Kalisto responds with a skull to the jaw of ADR, who takes an enziguri to the face! Kalisto gets up, but is distracted by Barrett until ADR hits the cross arm breaker on Kalisto. Kalisto inches his way to the ropes, breaking the hold. ADR kicks him hard in the back, but misses a knee to the back falling to the outside. Kalisto rebounds off the ropes, but Barrett moves ADR out of the way just in time! ADR throws Kalisto back into the ring, locking in the cross arm breaker again for the win!

Winner via submission and NEW WWE United States Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Barrett and ADR celebrate in the ring as we get a replay of the finish. Commentary hypes up the big tag match later tonight as Neville and Dean Ambrose take on Sheamus and Kevin Owens before talking about the first Hall of Fame inductee this year: Sting!


Back from commercial, commentary hypes up the first inductee announced for the WWE Hall of Fame as we get a video package for the face of WCW: the man they call Sting! From his days of the colorful facepaint to the Crow-esque era in facing the nWo, he was the first man everyone thought of when they thought of WCW. They wrap up with his recent appearance in WWE including the Wrestlemania match against Triple H before talking about the mainstream media buzz over the announcement. Backstage, Renee Young is with Becky Lynch, as they go back to last Monday night when Ric Flair got involved in a match between her and Charlotte. Lynch gets the win with a handful of tights, but Charlotte ends the friendship with a spear! Becky says she was shocked, this wasn’t the Charlotte she knew. My best friend attacked me just because I beat her in a match, it really got me down. Renee says Becky doesn’t stay down, as we go back to this past Monday when Becky attacked Charlotte before her match was set to begin. Becky proposes a match for the Divas Championship at the Royal Rumble, and promises a good old Irish lass kicking! She walks off as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Brie Bella makes her way to the ring for her match against Becky Lynch. Becky is out next as we get underway!

Brie Bella vs. Becky Lynch

Match starts with both women circling before locking up, and Brie knocks Becky down and quickly gets in control before Becky reverses. Brie hits a dropkick for a nearfall, before driving her elbow into the shoulder of Becky. Becky gets up, but Brie slams her to the canvas! Brie kicks her repeatedly in the corner, but Becky drives her facefirst into the turnbuckle. Becky hits several clotheslines before charging at Brie with a forearm! Springboard sidekick followed by an exploder suplex for the nearfall! Rollup by Brie for a nearfall, but Becky locks in the Disarm-Her for the win!

Winner via submission: Becky Lynch

Becky celebrates in the ring as commentary hypes up the tag team main event, up next!


Back from commercial, we get a Real Fact about Sheamus’s former gig as security for U2’s Bono, and back at ringside Sheamus makes his way to the ring glowing bright as ever. Out next is Kevin Owens, looking frustrated after recent events as we go back to last month on RAW when Neville beat Owens, leading to a beatdown by the former Intercontinental Champion. Back at ringside, Owens has entered the ring as Neville makes his way out to the ring next. Dean comes out next and both men stand off with their opponents in the ring as we get underway with the main event!

Main Event: Tag Match
Sheamus & Kevin Owens vs. Neville & WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose

Sheamus and Neville start things off, locking up as Sheamus gets in control early on until Neville hits a headscissors on Sheamus before tagging in Ambrose, who hits hard with some right hands before Sheamus responds with some heavy hits of his own…but Ambrose gets Sheamus out of the ring before attacking Owens, leaping out of the ring only to get knocked down by Sheamus as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Owens is in control of the match beating down on the Intercontinental Champion with some hard hits on Ambrose while talking smack, before tagging in Sheamus. Sheamus drops Ambrose and drives a boot into Ambrose for a nearfall before tagging in Owens, who punches Ambrose in the face. He whips Dean into the corner, but Dean answers with a kick to the face and a tornado DDT that is blocked by Owens…but Ambrose hits a swinging neckbreaker instead! Ambrose makes the tag to Neville, who hits a springboard dropkick Owens and stops a fireman’s carry to drop Owens with an enziguri. Neville going for the deadlift German suplex, but Owens stops him and tags in Sheamus, who runs into a boot to the face by Neville. Neville climbs up, going for the Red Arrow…but Sheamus rolls out of the way! Owens hits Neville from the apron, arguing with the ref as Sheamus gets the tag to him. Owens with boots to Neville and a hard right hand. He keeps on the attack, taunting Mauro at ringside in the meantime before dropping Neville and tagging in Sheamus. Sheamus gets a skull to the jaw by Neville, but stops him with a double axe handle for the nearfall. Sheamus locks in a sleeper hold, but Neville powers out and gets a knee to the gut for his troubles. Sheamus tags in Owens, who hits a senton on Neville before covering for the nearfall, following with a sleeper hold of his own on the former NXT Champion. Neville is slowly making his way up, but Owens with an knee before hitting a German suplex! Owens in the corner now, but Neville dodges and hits a big German suplex on Owens before inching his way to Ambrose to make the tag as Owens tags in Sheamus. Ambrose with a flurry of kicks in the corner and a ton of chops and jabs and chops and jabs before bringing him to the other corner for a Tornado DDT! He climbs up, hitting an elbow for the cover before Owens breaks it up. Ambrose looking for the the whirlybird lariat, but Owens gets a boot to the head, allowing Sheamus to hit White Noise for a nearfall. Sheamus tags in Owens, who goes for the Pop Up Powerbomb…but it’s reversed a hurricanrana and the whirlybird lariat! Ambrose going for Dirty Deeds, but Owens rolls out of the ring. Ambrose launches himself at Owens, and Sheamus drives Ambrose into the steel steps twice as Owens grabs the top of the announce table, throwing it onto Amrose as the ref calls for the bell!

Winners via disqualification: Dean Ambrose and Neville

After the match, Sheamus and Owens continue to go to work on Ambrose as Owens destroys the announce table. Suddenly, Neville launches over the ropes to make the save! Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds on Owens, as Neville directs him to set him near the corner. From there, Neville hits the Red Arrow on Owens as he and Neville celebrate in the ring to end the show.

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