Update on Hogan’s sex tape case

Jan 13, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

– Hulk Hogan has a couple of busy days in court as his team and Gawker Media continue to battle it out in front of a judge as the trial set for March 7 looms closer. Yesterday, Gawker’s legal team asked Judge Pamela Campbell to release all sealed documents in the case for public consumption as they try to fight the $100 million lawsuit by invoking the First Amendment. Gawker also filed a motion to dismiss the whole case, a motion that the Judge denied during today’s hearing. Hogan’s career pretty much went up in smoke last July when the National Enquirer released audio conversations of Hogan using the N-word, audio recordings that Hogan’s legal team say that Gawker leaked to the media to dent his chances of winning the lawsuit. Hogan was fired from WWE and even removed from the Hall of Fame following the racial-filled recordings made it to the public. Yesterday, the court heard excerpts from depositions of Hogan himself, his lawyer David Houston, Heather Cole (formerly Clam), Bubba “The Love Sponge,” a statement from Lori Ann Burbridge – who met with a sex tape broker to sell the tape on behalf of Matt “Spiceboy” Loyd – and saw an exhibit of a confidential polygraph examination report.

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