Alternative 1/12 TNA Impact Wrestling Recap (Angle vs. Galloway, EC3 Title Win Fallout‏)

Jan 13, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


by Matt Storm

Fresh off the finals of its World Title Series, what would the fallout of Ethan Carter III winning back the TNA World Title he technically never lost entail? Could Kurt Angle start off his Retirement Tour on a positive note or would the driven Drew Galloway put a halt to it right off the bat?

As the show opened, we see the aforementioned EC3 in a bathroom smirking at his reflection, his newly won World Title draped over his shoulder. Suddenly his hired muscle Tyrus enters, telling him “It’s time” and they headed off..

At ringside we see Josh Matthews and The Pope run down the evening’s events as the familiar strains of “Trouble, Trouble, Trouble” filled the arena.

New TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III and Tyrus make their entrance, Cart exuding his normal confidence.

Once he makes the mic, he wastes no time in being his own kind of humble as he declared the moment not to be of celebration but vindication. He boasts about being the first and only two time UNDEFEATED World Champion in all of wrestling. Only one man had his back the entire time and took many lumps for him and that was Tyrus. Carter thanks him, saying that what people see on camera is business but backstage is personal. From the bottom of his heart, he is grateful for the support. Tyrus attempts to further bestow praise upon his boss but the mic is quickly ripped away as Carter reminds him, on camera means business (causing him to glare a hole through Carter but not act upon it).

Carter attempted to resume his speech when Jeff Hardy’s entrance music provided the interruption. Carter inquired what brought “Jeffrey” out to his little shindig and The Charismatic Enigma initially gives EC3 credit for winning fair and square last week despite being a spoiled cheater. He also reminds EC3 he hasn’t forgotten the hell he put both he and his brother Matt through in 2015. Carter wants no part of mention of Matt so Jeff cuts to the chase.

His true motivation for being out there? He revealed it in the form of a doctor’s note clearing him to compete for the first time since he broke his ankle. And since he’s cleared, why not a World Title match between he and EC3 tonight? The crowd certainly loved that idea. EC3 however does not and issues a denial after feigning he’d accept. You see, Jeff can’t just come off the DL right into a title shot. He has to start at the bottom just as EC3 did before rising to a World Title.

And so, EC3 called upon TNA’s Bob Ryder to send out an opponent for Jeff to prove himself against. Out came independent standout Shynron to answer the call. EC3pulls a page out of Colin Cassady’s playbook and gets the masked man some music that he provides lyrics to in humorous fashion.

Shynron introduces himself to all involved and declares he’ll fly all over Jeff. EC3 wants some more intensity so he riles him up into saying he’d destroy Jeff. An official makes his way down as EC3 and Tyrus exit to the commentary table.

1. Shynron vs. Jeff Hardy

After the opening bell, they locked up with Hardy gaining the advantage and working a wrist lock. Shynron cartwheeled into a reversal and briefly took control of the right arm; when Hardy attempted to toss him away he landed on his feet. Shynron lunged forward and Jeff tossed him over the top rope. Shynron used his incredible body control to prevent a hard landing but was dropkicked into the announce table.

Jeff attempted to fire Shynron back into the ring but he rebounded into a head kick. Shynron rolled Jeff back into the ring and went for a slingshot twisting senton splash only for Hardy to get the knees up. Hardy went for Twist of Fate but it’s blocked and Shynron pushed him away. A second charge attempt saw Shynron back dropped onto the apron, landing on his feet, and he rocked Hardy with a forearm smash.

Shynron springboard leapfrogged Hardy but missed a handspring moonsault, crashing to the canvas. Hardy delivered a kick to the gut then the Twist of Fate for the pinfall.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

At ringside, EC3 extended some applause but stated that was only step 1 to Hardy’s path to a title shot.

ANALYSIS: Some good stuff all around in this segment. EC3 remains one of the best genuine heels in wrestling with superb mic skills. He’s made the most out of his tenure with TNA. Having Jeff Hardy active again is a major obvious positive from both an in-ring and storyline standpoint. An interesting wrinkle thrown in with Jeff angling for a title shot ahead of his brother. As for the match, good showcase for Jeff in his comeback match. Those who have seen Shynron in CHIKARA know we only saw the tiniest of teasing of what he’s capable of. But what he was able to do was impressive and I hope he becomes a regular.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash is with the New Dollhouse hoping to find out more on what led to Awesome Kong assuming leadership from the departed Taryn Terrell. Jade however informed him that anyone who wants to speak to Kong, has to speak to them first. She said the entire Knockout’s Division needed a shakeup and those who thought the walls of The Dollhouse were crumbling, were proven wrong. Kong speaks and puts everyone on notice that The Dollhouse is HER house to do whatever she pleases. Specifically, that’s take the KO Championship from Gail Kim.

Upset that they and their match with the Dolls up next were being overlooked, The Beautiful People’s Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne interrupt to tell the quartet that they should be focused on the BP’s and not Kim. Sky tells Kong they’ve never gotten along and whatever the reason is, she’s going to kick her ass. Naturally a brawl ensues among the ladies as you’d expect after such a threat.

2. Street Fight

The Dollhouse (Awesome Kong&Jade w/Marti Belle&Rebel) vs. The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky&Madison Rayne)

We joined the action in progress following a commercial break. As the brawl continued around ringside, we’re told by Josh that the BP’s demanded the match be a Street Fight and were granted it.

Jade seated Sky on a chair by the guardrail and choked her with a boot to the throat. She then took her up the ramp and went for the Package Piledriver; Sky blocked it and delivered a suplex onto said ramp.

Inside the ring, Kong choked Rayne on the middle ropes. Jade reversed a whip and sent Sky crashing into the stairs. She then looted underneath the ring and unearthed several kendo sticks and chairs. Kong took a stick and choked Rayne with it. Jade failed to wedge a chair in the corner so she put Sky down on the mat and had Rebel hold a chair against her body. Jade missed a corner cannonball and kind of hit the chair as it fell to the mat.

Kong was there to press the Dolls’ advantage and executed a choke lift allowing Jade to crack Rayne with a trash can lid. Jade badly overshot a lionsault and ate canvas. Kong missed a corner splash as Sky finally got into the ring with a chair. She blasted Kong across the back, then tossed the chair to her, landing a kick when it was caught.

Sky leveled Jade with a pair of clotheslines followed by a back elbow. She then lit Jade up with a series of kicks before hitting a bulldog onto the chair. Marti and Rebel tried to swarm her but the BP were ready and dispatched them with kendo stick shots.Kong missed a double clothesline and The BP wore her out too with shots with the sticks as well as a double dropkick to the side of the head.

Jade laid Sky out with a boot to the face. Rayne nailed Kong with a missile dropkick from the middle rope for the match’s first nearfall. Jade missed a wild kick attempt but Kong caught Rayne with a Mongolian Chop. Jade hit the Package Piledriver on Rayne for the pinfall.

Winners: The Dollhouse (Awesome Kong&Jade)

Analysis: The match was OKAY, very clunky at times with the standard weapons fare you can expect from most televised Street Fights in today’s era. Rather curious Gail Kim wasn’t around to somewhat even the odds for the BP. Good win overall for the Dollhouse who couldn’t have afforded a loss in their first match together. Clearly the Kong vs. Kim issues continues and I’m fine with that!

Vignette: In the back we hear from a woman in the shadows who announces her impending arrival to TNA. I do believe the name that flashed across the screen was Raquel.

Beer Money Beer Bash:

After his return to TNA last week, James Storm leads out old pal and once again team team partner King Of The Mountain Champion Bobby Roode as the pair are set to celebrate in grand style.

The ring is filled with coolers and of course booze. Both sip away as they speak. After Storm welcomes everyone to the bash, he states that last week he made a decision to pursue a good living for he and his family. That decision just so happened to lead to what everyone clamored for: the return of Beer Money!!

Roode goes over their history together, noting that their passion to be the absolute best wound up both splitting them up and leading them back together. Feeling emotional due to drinking, he apologizes for his past misdeeds. This inspired Storm to also apologize and they go back and forth with them (Roode was sorry for breaking a beer bottle over Storm’s head and puking in his cowboy hat while Storm was remorseful over superkicking Roode and leaving him with bar tabs). They toast each other and fire up the crowd for their trademark pose/yell but then the fun was interrupted…

Out came a raving Eric Young flanked by new associate Bram. Young rips on Beer Money for pandering to the crowd and talking to one another as if they were going to get married. He takes a dig at Storm,saying he ruined him in the World Title series and forced him to quit. But then last week he made the mistake of coming back and involving himself in Young’s business, the consequences of which Roode knows about all too well. He tells Roode that they’ve gone to war with each other, cost each other the TNA World Title and their issue will never be over.

After hilariously declaring he doesn’t even like Bram, Young says he does like the way he thinks and his method of distributing pain. They also agree that they hate Beer Money with a passion. Storm tells Young to get on his knees and suck his beer bottle but EY ignores that and challenges Roode for the KOTM Title. Roode responds, calling EY a whiny bitch and a coward for his actions last week. If EY wants a title shot, he can have it right now.

ANALYSIS: The segment was mostly Beer Money’s greatest hits and the crowd did eat it up with a spoon. They are a really great team so I am glad to see them back together for the time being. For all the crap Young gets, he does put 100% into every role he’s found himself in and gets it over. He and Bram make for a natural unstable pairing.

3. King Of The Mountain Championship Match

Bobby Roode (c) (w/James Storm) vs. Eric Young (w/Bram)

The initial lock up ended in a stalemate but Young celebrated as if he had the upperhand anyway. Young worked an armbar but Roode quickly countered. They traded reversals until Young caught Roode with a forearm and applied a side headlock. Roode pushed him off into the ropes and EY came back with a shoulder block. Young came off the ropes a second time, Roode catching him with a hip toss and a pair of armdrags, the second taking him onto the mat.

Young fought up but Roode kept the advantage by snapping Young’s arm across his shoulder and converting into a hammerlock. Young broke free with a back elbow and landed several punches. Roode reversed a whip and sent Young into the corner chest first, sending Young up&over onto the apron. From there Young delivered a battering ram to the midsection but Roode avoided a sliding sunset flip by springing onto the apron himself. Young took another swing but Roode blocked and snapped the arm across the top rope.

As Storm and Bram shared a staredown, the competitors returned to the ring where Young surprised Roode with a running neckbreaker for a nearfall. Young executed a snapmare/chinlock combination that Roode fought up from and broke with shots to the gut. Roode delivered rights and lefts and went for a clothesline; Young ducked and hit a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Young sent Roode into the ropes throat first followed by a back suplex.With Roode still down, Young came off the middle rope only to wind up with a boot to the face. Roode backed himself into the corner and caught Young coming in with a second boot to the face. Roode knocked Young down with clotheslines and laid into him with short arm knee strikes to the midsection. Roode with a nicely executed T-Bone suplex.

Roode went for the Roode Bomb but Young raked the eyes to slip out and hit a belly to belly suplex for a nearfall. Young attempted the piledriver which Roode blocked and countered with a Sharpshooter. Young nearly got to the bottom rope so Roode dragged him into the center of the ring and applied a crossface. Young leveraged Roode’s shoulders down for a nearfall. Roode crucifixes Young’s arms for a nearfall of his own.

Young landed a right hand but was caught with a spinebuster as he came off the ropes. Roode placed Young up top for a superplex, Young biting his face to prevent it from happening. Undaunted Roode pulled Young onto his shoulders and hit the Roode Bomb for a nearfall with Bram yanking the referee onto the floor. Storm spit beer in Bram’s eyes and fired him into the ring. Beer Money took Bram out with a double suplex.

The former TNA Tag Champions made a cardinal error by setting up for the pose/yell that was interrupted earlier, allowing Young to nail Storm from behind. As the referee tended to him, Young low blowed Roode and hit the piledriver for the pinfall.

Winner: Eric Young to capture the King of The Mountain Title

Analysis: Very solid match as you’d expect from two guys who are both so talented and know each other quite well. The only gripe I had was the lame spot of the ref being dragged onto the floor. Unless it’s done by a heel authority figure he has to obey, it makes zero sense for a DQ not to be called. That aside, it would appear they’re building to tag team match and that should be good as well.

Backstage: Mr. Anderson hypes up the debut of his new segment “Huh”? with special guest Matt Hardy. That is up next.

Backstage: We the newly arrived “Miracle” Michael Bennett and Maria as they encounter EC3. Bennett praises EC3 for paving the way for guys like him and slips in a plug for his in-ring debut next week. EC3 isn’t the least bit impressed and tells Bennett that he merely debuted and said some things last week. None too pleased by the snub, Bennett tells the champ that he isn’t some young boy he can disrespect. EC3 says he has no time for an issue with him and he doesn’t want an issue with them; them meaning he and Tyrus who steps in. Surveying the situation, Bennett walks off but not before telling EC3 the World Title looks good on him.. for now.

ANALYSIS: Great tease. Bennett carries himself like a star and stands out easily in the company.

We’re shown a video package of Matt Hardy going undefeated in the World Title Series only to fall short in the Finals courtesy of EC3.

The Debut of “Huh” With Mr. Anderson

The intro to Mr.Anderson’s music is followed by a new tune, one that is intentionally horrible and cheesy. If you were on an elevator, you’d want to walk off it with it still moving once you heard it.

After polling the crowd to see if any fellow assholes are in the house, Anderson brings out Matt Hardy who is accompanied by his lovely wife Reby and son ala Ricky Steamboat circa 1988-1989.

The banter on the expenses of the net (a couch and folding chair) before Anderson delves into the apparent friendship the two have shared on the road.Laughs, heart to hearts, activities not suitable to discuss in front of the crowd or his wife. That last one earned Anderson a death stare from Reby. But friendship accounted for, Anderson tells Matt he essentially choked when he failed to recapture the title he gave up. Matt responds by asking if he choked when he won the title at Bound for Glory? Need he remind him that he was unbeaten in the WTS up until the Finals?

It wasn’t EC3 who beat him either. It was Eric Young’s piledriver on the floor that knocked him loopy and why he wasn’t able to win the title. Anderson views that as an excuse with which Hardy vehemently disagrees.

Anderson can’t help but keep pushing buttons so he asks if Jeff is doing Matt’s dirty work based on the opening segment? Further angered, Matt yells that Jeff’s business is his own. After telling his family he loves him,Matt says HE will be the one to end EC3’s reign and undefeated streak. He has passion burning, he is strong, and he will NOT DIE. Not only that, but he has an offer to make to EC3 that he won’t be able to refuse. No longer interested in further discussion, Matt and Reby simply walk off. This leaves Anderson to awkwardly end the segment wishing the couple well.

ANALYSIS: Decent segment. I can see where some disliked it, but I liked that they planted the seeds of Matt having something up his sleeve. His mannerisms were different suggesting something may be afoot. Anderson was fine in his role, one’s enjoyment of him depends on whether or not you like him. I found this to be better than the majority of his TNA run and incarnations.

In the crowd:

Christy Hemme caught up with Drew Galloway. He spoke of a dream he had when he was 15 starting his wrestling training to wrestle Kurt Angle. When he came to TNA, he would love loved any kind of match against him. But this? The start of the Farewell Tour is HUGE. He knows Kurt will bring hia A Game because it’s in his nature, he HAS to win to prove to himself he can go out on top. Likewise, Drew wants to prove he can hang with the elite and win. The end result will be a spectacle not to be soon forgotten.

Backstage: EY and Bram celebrate their success from earlier. EY rants about how in the end, they’ll break up Beer Money for good.

4. TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno&TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves (Eddie Edwards&Davey Richards) vs. Jesse Goodderz&Eli Drake&DJ Zima Ion

Josh explained that that randomly generated opponents for the champions came about when Godderz & Drake went up to DJ Z and told him he’d get a shot being their partner and not to screw it up.

Z and Uno kicked off the action, Z working over the arm and taking Uno over onto the mat. Uno fires back with a Dropsault and works over Z’s right arm. Z looks for a tag but Godderz is busy posing and Drake drops to the floor to tinker with the streamers that greeted Uno’s entrance. Richards tags in and comes off the top of the arm being held out by Uno. Z leverage rolls out of an arm wringer and delivers a nice dropkick. Noting his partner has built momentum, Godderz tags himself in.

Richards maintains control via pair of armdrags and tags in Edwards. Edwards sends Godderz into the ropes for a drop toehold as Richards comes off the ropes with a sliding dropkick to the side of the head. Drake enters the fray but it is met with a double boot to the midsection. Wolves send Drake into the corner, both following in with a leaping forearm smash and elbow smash respectively. Not wanting to exclude Uno, Richards scoops him up for tandem double knee smash to the chest, ala the old NJPW duo Forever Hooligans.

Edwards delivers a chop to Godderz then a headbutt. Godderz reverses a whip, Drake snatching the ankle of Edwards; this distracted Eddie long enough for Godderz to deliver a damn good high dropkick. Godderz press drops Edwards ala Ultimate Warrior before Drake tags himself in to his dismay. Drake hits a powerslam for a nearfall.

Drake applies a front facelock and pulls Edwards to his corner so Godderz can tag back in. Godderz delivers a shot to the ribs followed by a hard chop and several knee smashes in the corner. Drake gets a nearfall off a float over suplex. Godderz is in and they go for a double suplex but Edwards manages to flip over onto his feet. The heels instantly catch him with tandem knees to the midsection. They try and knock his partners off the apron but only manage to nail Uno (Richards seeing it coming and getting to the floor)

Edwards delivers his trademark hurricanrana to both Drake and Godderz at the same time before Richards receives the hot tag. He runs wild, nailing Drake with a back elbow and Godderz with an inverted atomic drop. He throws Drake into Godderz, then dropkicks Jesse forcing him to DDT Drake. Richards misses an attempt of a double foot stomp but traps Godderz in an Indian Deathlock. Z finally gets back involved but winds up trapped is a duel Indian Deathlock when Richards snatches his leg.

Drake makes the save for his team but Uno quickly dropkicks him to the floor. Godderz sizes Richards up for a clothesline but winds up nailing Z instead. Godderz blocks a German Suplex but takes an elbow to the face. Edwards tags in and The Wolves deliver their tandem launch into a chest kick combination. Godderz dead weights Edwards on a powerbomb as Drake takes out Richards on the floor. Uno then dives onto Drake.

Godderz traps Edwards in the Adonis Lock only for Z to pay him back with a superkick to the side of the head. Stunned, Godderz falls prey to a superkick/brainbuster combination as Edwards covers for the pinfall.

Winners:Tigre Uno&The Wolves

Analysis: For a match without a backstory and a randomly assembled team, this featured good action. Uno came in all bandaged up but even limited he looked good. The Wolves brought their usual top flight abilities to the match. Seemed like Godderz&Drake could be a regular team which wouldn’t be so bad for either at this point. A feud with The Wolves would elevate them in many ways. DJ Z has really improved and could use some refreshing in order to stand out more.

Backstage: The Hardys meet up for the first time tonight. Jeff tells Matt that while he made a challenge and had to start at the bottom, Matt is still at the top of his game and is primed to win the title back.Matt reiterates he has an offer EC3 can’t refuse Before Jeff can get any more details, Reby approaches Matt, tells him they need to talk, and they walk off as Jeff looks on.

Analysis: They’re quietly pushing the idea Reby calls the shots these days for Matt and he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

In the arena:

TNA World Champion EC3 is back out, this time solo. Wasting no time, he calls Matt out to hear of this offer. Matt Hardy emerges and gets down to business as well. After EC3 notes that he was nothing he wants and he has nothing he wants to offer him, Matt draws parallels between the two: EC3 being a spoiled brat who wound up inside of a ring due to his last name while he had to struggle for everything he earned. Despite the difference, they’ll forever be intertwined in deep hatred and battle. Since EC3 likes to control things, how about Matt allows him to control his fate? They meet for the TNA World Title and if he loses, he’ll walk away from TNA for good. EC3 ups the ante in duel fashion; if Matt wants it so bad it’ll have to be the final time they ever face each other. Furthermore, he doesn’t want to just pin or submit him. He wants to stand over him victorious as he writhes in pain and agony. So he wants a Last Man Standing Match. Matt accepts and an intense staredown brings it home.

ANALYSIS: Good segment to set up the high stakes next week. Kudos to TNA for applying the stipulations to a feud that’s been long running rather than at the start of a new one as they’ve done in the past.

5. Match #1 of The Farewell Tour

Kurt Angle vs. Drew Galloway

Angle looked happy as ever, taking time to shake hands with everyone within reach. He even showed Hemme some love but Josh and Pope were snubbed. Poor guys!

The two lock up, Galloway going behind with a waistlock, then moving into a side headlock. Angle pushes him off into the ropes but takes a shoulder block The sequence is repeated with the same results ensuing. A third headlock sees Angle connect with a backdrop as Drew is sent back into the ropes.

Angle comes off the ropes but is met with a clothesline. He recovers enough to reverse a whip to send Galloway into the corner. Angle follows in but eats a boot to the face. Galloway comes out of the corner and is caught with an overhead belly to belly suplex for a nearfall.

Angle applies a chinlock that Galloway breaks out of with several chops. They exchange blows with Galloway getting the best of it; Angle ducks a clothesline but both wind up taking the other out with a double clothesline as he comes off the ropes.

After a commercial break, we return as Galloway resumes chopping Angle. He punches away at Angle in the corner then comes off the top rope with a flying clothesline. Angle avoids the Claymore and delivers five straight rolling German suplexes. he goes for a sixth but Galloway throws elbows to prevent it. As he keeps throwing them, Angle ducks one and hits an Angle Slam for a nearfall. Business picks up when the straps are dropped; Angle locks in the Ankle Lock. Galloway leverages him into the middle turnbuckle but Angle comes back with a backslide for a nearfall. As soon as both men return to a vertical base, Galloway drops Angle with the Future Shock DDT for a nearfall.

Galloway goes for a slam but Angle uses him as a slide to escape and catches him in a Crossface. Before Drew can get to the ropes, Angle converts into another ankle lock. Galloway once again leverages Angle off him, this time sending him through the ropes and onto the floor. Galloway follows but is sent into the guardrail with a second overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle rolls him back into the ring, covering for a nearfall. Out of desperation, Drew rocks Angle with a jawbreaker and connects with the Claymore for a nearfall. He immediately follows with a second one for another nearfall.

Galloway sets Angle on the top turnbuckle looking for a superplex; Angle fights it off and knocks Drew into the Tree of Woe. In a super impressive moment, Galloway still manages to pull himself up and suplex Angle onto the mat, still in the Woe. Fists are exchanged for a second time, Galloway winning this round too and landing a clothesline. He rushes Angle who moves and he crashes into the ring post. Angle connects with a Fallway Slam. Drew delivers another headbutt and goes back up top. Angle knocks him off balance and hits a top rope Angle Slam for the pinfall.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Post-Match: Josh signs off but the camera stays with the combatants. Angle helps Galloway to his feet and they embrace.

The show ends with a video package hyping next week’s show: EC3 vs.Matt Hardy in a Last Man Standing Match, Career vs. Title and Week 2 of Angle’s Retirement Tour.

ANALYSIS: EXCELLENT MATCH!!! One worth going out of your way to watch. It fired on all cylinders for me. Galloway had his best match in TNA to date and Angle delivered a classic without having to put himself at risk in the process. I especially loved how Drew turned up the intensity but did so in a way he didn’t become a heel in the match. Great post-match hug too to cap off what was a pretty good show this week.

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