Former WWE superstar: “The Concussion Movie is an eye opener”

Jan 7, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE, WCW, and ECW star Vito Lo Grasso posted the following on his Facebook page:

Wrestling talk. John Cena hurt, Alot of guys hurt. Daniel Bryan asking to come back. The only way he comes back is if they settle this lawsuit. Fans have to realize this. People, concussion syndrome is the talk of all sports. NFL, NHL, Pro Wrestling. It is the hottest topic around. There is a Company trying to avoid something so big, it’s shameless.How do you put a guy’s life on hold, so you save money and your reputation. Your product is hurting. You just signed a group of guy’s. Did they all pass physicals with there noted injury history and at an average age of 35. The Concussion Movie is an eye opener. Makes you think. When will things get settled so you don’t look so disinterested in individuals health. You know why, this company doesn’t give a shit . Helmets for training, health benefits a must. If nothing was wrong, why make all these changes plus more. Daniel, ask for your release, until this is settled, they are not bringing you back. I wish you luck.

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