MVP: “WWE has no competition”

Jan 3, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE Superstar MVP was recently interviewed by Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast. Below are some more highlights from the interview, where MVP discusses WWE’s lack of competition and Chris Jericho’s rock career with Fozzy.

MVP on being impressed by Chris Jericho’s rock career: “I’m more inspired by what Chris Jericho has done with Fozzy because you’ve heard some of my hip hop and my songs. I’m 42 [years old] and before it gets to be too late, I want to start my own hardcore band. Yeah, I want to front my own band and I’ve got songs that I wrote years ago and that’s a project that I’ve really been thinking about a lot lately that doesn’t take much to do.”

MVP on his musical influences: “I wanted somebody to write an article about me and refer to me as ‘the black Henry Rollins’ and Henry Rollins, I really dig his style. I really dig his spoken word, and his travels, and his intelligence, and his music.”

MVP on WWE not having any competition and TNA’s poor management: “There is no competition and I don’t need that to sound mean or to take the piss out of [TNA], but WWE has no competition. You can have alternatives to [WWE], but there is no competition. In my opinion, certain people in managerial roles at TNA leave a lot to be desired and that’s the reason TNA is in the situation it’s in right now. They’ve been around for 13 years. At this point, they should be a solid secondary alternative to WWE [and] well in the black, but they’re not.”

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